Results 1 – 28 of 28 What Happens After Big Brother Dies- A historical Report (Hong Kong ) from the Hungarian of *** by Gyorgy Dalos and a great. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER BIG BROTHER’S DEATH by GYORGY DALOS SUMMARY AND ANALYSIS. by GRORGY DALOS. What Happens after Big Brother Dies [Gyorgy Dalos] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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This is much more interesting than the Anthony Burgess book of the same title, or ealos it’s just more of what I was hoping the Burgess book would be. His empire, Oceania, has been defeated in a disastrous air battle and is no more. To ask other readers questions aboutplease sign up.

Nov 05, Marilyn Saul rated it really liked it Shelves: Matthew Larrey rated it it was amazing 1958 02, The “Historian” compiling the letters, etc. Mar 05, Critter Reyome rated it really liked it. The Aluminists, led by Big Sister, and the Paper faction. Andrei rated it liked it Jun 10, A good knowledge of Orwell’s book is absolutely necessary, as Dalos makes reference to “past events” and characters from the book constantly.

Posted by Vegan Memes at 1: It’s not necessarily that life is shit in this book, but it is a reminder that the world is shit, which is the next line in the Dead Milkmen song entitled “Life is Shit”, and since that song kept running through my head after finishing this book it deserved to get it’s own new shelf.

If you are looking for a specific category, please choose from the following keywords, and enter the one you are looking for: Behind the scenes Big Sister Big Brother’s widow struggles with the Thought Police and the army for power, while elsewhere the winds of reform sweep through January 3, Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger.


Jonathan Cassie rated it liked it Feb 24, Thanks for telling us about the problem. Funny how that ends up, and funny too how our own world is so similar…Dalos in his own way is as prescient as was Orwell way back when.

Gyorgy Dalos: 1985 samizdat

If you are looking for a specific category, please choose from the following keywords, and enter the one you are looking for:. This book is told through 3 memoirs and various newspaper articles and official documents.

Dalos’ primary target, then, seems to be the self-involved, pseudo-revolutionary intellectuals. Told as a historical report from the future Everywhere, under the bitingly humorous hand of Gyorgy Dalos, George Orwell’s chilling world of “” seems to be experiencing a gyyorgy, as Orwell’s tortured lovers Smith and Julia, O’Brien the Thought Policeman, Ampleforth the hack poet, and Syme the cynical philologist come alive again. Open Preview See a Problem? I’m glad I picked it up again.

This is the first Hungarian edition ofdaloz A3 format, printed in red and black.

Sep 18, Josh rated it really liked it. I started this in October, but had to set it aside because I wasn’t in the right frame of mind. Turns out I was right, and it seems others agree: I would defintitly recomend this book to anyone who has read On the one hand, Dalos’ scenario, with echoes of Hungary and Prague Spring, is more firmly focused on Stalinism than the broader Orwell vision of totalitarianism.


The IRA demand a point reform including the dissolution of the thought police, an ralos to propaganda and anti-freedom campaigns, and the reduction of army size. The search will look through all the information provided for each poster. This was crazy book. The book highlighted daloss idea that a populace raised within authoritarian and hierarchical systems seems doomed to repeat the history that they tried to escape from or change through revolution.

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When her Aluminist counterparts threaten to release the number of people killed or imprisoned by the thought police, the thought police begin releasing those in their custody. Not surprising, and not at all unsatisfying, though be aware that the pleasure you and, indeed, I might take at seeing the fall of Ingsoc isn’t so much of a fall as it is a stumble into the waiting arms of Eurasia, which by all appearances is just as dark and sinister as was Oceania.

Gylrgy with This Dapos.

(Dalos novel) – Wikipedia

The year begins with the death of Big Brother–which leaves the Inner Party leadership in feuding disarray. Newer Post Older Post Home. Price Category in US dollars. Paperbackpages. What follows the death of Big Brother spoiler alertis a slightly more open society, gyorby individual freedoms sort of return, and the gyorty begins to leak out. Soon, indeed, a full-blown reform movement is underway, led by Winston’s old love Julia and other survivors: