Star Cruiser is a game of starship combat in the 24th century. It can be used as an addition to GDW’s RPG Traveller: or as a stand alone boardgame. Earle Durboraw’s AD–Earthspace, Peter Engebos T’Sarith’s Page was permanently lost, as it went down before the Wayback Engine was. Traveller Kennedy WIP IIIn “Traveller “. AD: Clarke Class Explorer Plans (WIP) Part IIIn “Traveller “. AD out soon and.

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Ships of the French Arm examines over forty ships which can be found in that region of human space.

By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy to improve your experience. Location, spectral type, size and magnitude are documented in a separate star catalog.

These aliens are mainly speculation on how a sentient being would result from a certain evolutionary path. Beyond this, Brazil must also be able to support its colonies at a great distance from earth. The magazine supported the science fiction gaming community with articles written for a multitude of RPG systems.

But exploration still goes on! This section describes the primary or primaries of the system and its family of planetary bodies, some of which are quite valuable to the human effort in distant space.

Now, as the 24th century dawns on the human race, Commander Leopold Schmidt and his international crew of brave explorers: Even though this makes them quite different than the AD versions, it does play ok, and helps justify the “pointing” of ships using them.


The Ebers are extremely ritualistic creatures. Your options are limited, but you never back down from a challenge. The colonies on Beta Canum began to experience rising tides of nationalism as they jockeyed for power by the judicious use of the world’s resources.

If payment has not been made within 14 days of closing, I will start the Non-Paying Bidder process. The French Arm is the route along which the alien Kafer are pushing an aggressive invasion into human space.


Nothing 2300as ever that simple. With this gain, the Texans have become a real threat to the UAR enclave. The Kafers were first encountered at Arcturus, and then their invasion fleet and invading armies struck Aurore.

Then the humans fell back to Eta Bootis where a defensive line could be established. Because of this I also redid fighting crusier as weak, but potentially numerous and therefore useful fighters WITHOUT limiting how many a ship can have on the board at once. From the time the players ground ship on Aurore as raw recruits to cruider time they participate in the final drive against the last major groupings of Kafers in the hotback, they will gradually learn more and more about their violent but complex enemy.

What was advertised as a relaxing stint of duty is quickly becoming a nightmare. Nothing can do that for any genre. Opportunities are ripe for troubleshooters looking for work.

From memory I thought they had a few scenarios with a half dozen BB plus escorts but maybe that was in the Invasion sourcebook now that 2300ad think about it.


The human fleet at Eta Bootis has been waiting at the alert for two years. Then came Earth’s War of German Reunification.

2300 AD Star Cruiser & Ships of the French Arm – GDW

Invasion describes the course of the Kafer campaign, from the initial assault on Hochbaden to the final, climactic battle at Queen Alice’s Star. The final cruiseg of worlds may well depend upon their actions.

Now you struggle against a sinister current of events which sweeps you across the face of the Earth and into space.

It describes the physiology and psychology of the Kafers, concentrating on their unique intelligence, and explains why there can never be peace until either cruiswr or the Kafer population is destroyed. With the information in this book the referee can run an entire campaign based upon the Kafer invasion.

A faster-than-light device called the Stutterwarp Drive allows mankind to achieve practical travel between planetary systems. More than a dozen of Earth’s nations have established off-world colonies, many sharing planets under the protection of the Melbourne Accords.

Station Arcture remained unexplored, the fate of its crew a mystery. Man has travelled to the stars and settled the more hospitable planets but failed to leave balkanization behind.

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