26a. By Diana Evans. pp. William Morrow. $ IT didn’t occur to me that my parents belonged to different races until I was 12 years old. Diana Evans’s very enjoyable debut novel begins with death. Michael Jackson, and the twins have their own world – 26a – up in the attic. Summary and reviews of 26a by Diana Evans, plus links to a book excerpt from 26a and author biography of Diana Evans.

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Sep 04, Sally Anfilogoff rated it it was ok. I was plowing through the book just to get it over with, when I siana that I was really engaged with the story again. The novel intimates how death and loss sharpen perception of life, and how the dead live on in others, as the twins find a “different way of talking.

It’s all empty cleverness and distant characterisation. Then they did the same thing when Georgia was older and started displaying signs of depression.

Diana Evans

Georgia sat back in her chair and her heels lifted off the floor. She had done such an excellent job developing all of the characters and then, without warning, the book just starts to spin out of control. If you have, drop a note in the comments. Diana Evans is a highly skilled writer, guiding us through the story so beautifully. I was scared I would infect you with terrible feelings and pictures in my head of walking out in front of the traffic and – No. Why was her sister alone in the first place?

Our main characters, two sometimes too-cute-to-be-true twins, grow up between London and Nigeria in a seemingly happy family.


26a. Diana Evans by Diana Evans

The mum was barking mad and the girls amazingly balanced. I loved the mystical core of the story which was well written and captured in a time and place in the UK and Nigeria that was foreign to me as Canadian-Irish. It was not sad in an “awww-this-is-so-sad”-way, it was completely and utterly depressing. As well as writing fiction, Evans reviews books for the national press, [17] and teaches courses and workshops on journalism and creative writing at venues that have included the Arvon Foundation and Royal Holloway College.

I have been known to abandon books at rest stops in Georgia when it became clear that one of the sisters in the book was going to die.

A complete masterpiece of words, I would and will urge anyone to read this. This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime books.

Instead I ended up with a first half that dragged me svans with a story about sisters, their fun-filled childhood at Neasden, their sudden move to Africa, their hopes of a reunion between their emotionally estranged parents and finally touching upon their adolescence.

I couldn’t understand how, after Ida displayed so much ‘gumption’ by running away from home, she got to England and just disappeared into herself. Retrieved from ” https: This book is evaans yet featured on Listopia. For this to come true for them in the end was, I felt, poignant and fitting. The twins are each other’s certificates of being. I felt we 26s have gotten more about how Bessie felt instead of Georgia inside Bessie but I did say that I didn’t like the whole spiritualism piece, so I guess that’s why that bothered me.

View all 3 comments. I loved the first half of this book and was all set to give a 5 star review, but then the author decided to jump on the crazy train and derailed herself and, sad to say, the second half of the book. But as Bessi strikes out on her own, revelling under St Lucia’s twin Pitons, Georgia’s moods swing in vivid colour, from benign “yellow” days to dangerous “red” ones. Back in Neasden, with malign symmetry – and deft authorial splicing – the twins lose their virginity to the unworthy brothers Dean and Errol, who, comparing notes on Jamaica and Nigeria, are drawn to the girls’ gelly flicks and sandy skin “sand was better than coal”.


Evans contrasts the cities, and the emotional effects they have on the twins, starkly, and th This was absolutely gorgeous and heartbreaking in equal measures.

The focus remains on the twins – Bessie and Georgia, and their joint-at-the-hip bond that sustains the jibes of high schoo I had picked up this book, hoping for a quick read about quirky diaa and their struggle with individuality. After an acid trip, the “shadows” in her head become voices urging self-destruction. I thought this book had really good potential.

The ending was a bummer but still it felt right somehow. Their twin-bond is so powerful that it creates an idiosyncratic universe shared only by two; a source of joy and wonder at first, but later an increasing source of pain and wounds. Jun 13, Caitie rated it really liked it.