Download Manual for Model 40EU TOSHIBA LCD PartsDirect has parts, manuals & part diagrams for all types of repair projects. manual will help you use the many exciting features of your new LCD TV. Before .. Toshiba 32CU, 40EU, and 55GU Television models comply with. 40EU – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total:

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For details, please contactyour TV antenna installer, cable provider, or satellite provider. Before operating your LCD TV,please read this manual completely, and keep itnearby for future reference. If the liquid comes in contact with your mouthor eyes, or your skin is cut by broken glass, rinse theaffected area thoroughly with water and consult yourdoctor.

Important Safety Instructions1 2 3 4 Read these instructions. To secure the TV, use a sturdy strap from the hook s on the rear of the TV to a wall stud, pillar, or otherimmovable structure. Make sure the strap is tight,secure, and parallel to the floor. This is normal,especially when the unit is being turned on or off. If these sounds become frequent or continuous,unplug the power cord and contact a ToshibaAuthorized Service Provider. Never strike the screenwith a sharp or heavyobject.

Toshiba Flat Panel Television 40EU User Guide |

Leave the stand protruding over the edge of thesurface. Extreme care should always be usedwhen removing the pedestal stand to avoiddamage to the LCD panel. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Follow these steps to set up your TV and begin usingits many exciting features.

Keep this manualfor future mnual.

These buttons adjust the 40s210u level. IntroductionTV back panel connectionsFor an explanation of cable types and connections, see pages 13— HDMI connection is necessary to receivep signals. Before purchasing any cables, be sure ofconnector types required by your devices and the lengthof each cable.

Toshiba 40E210U User Manual

For an explanation of setup andoperations, see page Squeeze taband lift cover. Remote control effective rangeFor optimum performance, aim the remote controldirectly at the TV and make sure there is noobstruction between the remote control and the TV.

Point remote control towardremote sensor on front of TV. Only the buttons used for operating the TV aredescribed here. To open the main menus illustrated belowpresson the remote control or TV control panel. To open the Installation menu illustrated belowpressSetup menu, select Installation, and press. For normal home use, press t or u to selectHome and press.


Programming channels automaticallyYour TV can automatically detect all active channelsin your area and store them in its memory. A will appear in the, pressagain. To add a channel to the channel memory: Auto is therecommended mode.

To view the system status: To view the digital signal meter: The current signal source displays in the top rightcorner of the Input Selection screen. To revert to the factory default labels, highlightReset and press. To return to factory defaults, highlight Resetand press. To open the Channel Browser: See page 24 for details on configuringthe antenna input.

Setting the Channel Tuning ModeThis feature allows you to choose how tuning will behandled for analog and digital channels when the TVis in Antenna mode.

The channel tuning mode has three options. To memorize a channel to thebutton: Thechannel has been programmed to thebutton. The auto aspect ratio feature is notapplicable to PC input.

You can set separate scroll settings for the TheaterWide 2and TheaterWide 3 modes for each input. To adjust the picture quality: Highlight T1, T2, T3, or T4. If text is not available in your area, ablack rectangle may appear on screen. Select Off in step 2 above. Each timeyou press, the mute mode will change in thefollowing order: To select the optical audio output format: Reenter the PIN code to confirm it. The new PIN code is now active.

manuql L Crude or indecent languageS Explicit sexual activityV Graphic violenceTVParents Strongly Cautioned Thisprogram contains some material thatmany parents would find unsuitablefor children under 14 years of age. If you try to tune the TV to a program that exceedsthe rating limits you 40e21u, the TV will enter programlock mode and the following message will appear onscreen: The list of channels will appear.

When viewing the PC input, there will be noaudio. This view allows you to watch a slideshow of thephotos. The TV will automatically turn itself off standby after 4 hours, if you do not operate the TV eitherfrom the remote control or the TV control panel. To set the sleep timer using the remote mnual Presson the remote control.


The following additional information will display foroff air digital channels if mnual Using Dynamic ContrastModeand press. To revert to the factory defaults, highlight Resetand press. TroubleshootingGeneral troubleshootingBefore calling a service technician, please checkthis chapter for a possible solution to the problemexperienced. The station may have broadcast difficulties. The sound may be muted. Depending on the connected PC, the following problems may occur; incorrect display, falseformat detection, picture position failure, blur, or judder.

Toshiba 40EU user manual – – Solve your problem

This is not a malfunction of your TV. Service made necessary by the simultaneoususe of manaul Television and connectedequipment; g. Modifications to the Television not approved inwriting by TCL, and service made necessaryby the use or installation of non-Toshibamodifications to the Television;h.

AppendixGeneral ProvisionsIf and to the extent that any provision of this limitedwarranty should generally be found to be unenforceable,the unenforceable provision shall be severed fromthe warranty and deemed not to form part of thewarranty.

The remaining provisions of this warrantyshall be and remain valid and enforceable. Visual Products Service and Support: The model number and s erial number are o n the back. Reco rd th ese n umber s in the s paces belo w.

Refe r to t hese n umbers whene ver you c ommuni cate. Page 4 24 To avoid damage to this product, never place or storethe TV in direct mznual hot, humid areas; or areassubject to excessive dust or vibration. Page 5 40 During 40w210u use, the TV may make occasionalsnapping or popping sounds. Page 8 ContentsImportant Safety Instructions Page 9 Chapter 1: Page 11 Chapter 1: Page 12 Chapter 1: Page 13 Chapter 2: Page 14 Chapter 2: Page 15 Chapter 2: Page 17 Chapter 2: Page 18 Chapter manul Page 19 Chapter 2: Page 20 Chapter 3: Page 21 Chapter 3: Page 22 Chapter 4: Page 23 Chapter 4: Page 24 Chapter 5: Page 25 Chapter 5: Page 26 Chapter 5: Page 27 Chapter 5: Page 28 Chapter 6: Page 29 Chapter 6: Page 30 Chapter 6: Page 31 Chapter 6: