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Additional leave to certain categories of war veterans”; also supplements the 495 with new article Additional leave to certain categories of war veterans ; rephrases para 4 of article 25 Mandatory leave without salary, granted to worker. Regulations of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of November on occupational health and safety in mining workplaces.

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States that the minimum wage is not a bargaining wage but a wage sufficient to ensure the wellbeing of the worker and is determined by objective scientific methods. Amends the article paragraph A and paragraph 3 related to the maternity leave of civil servants. Provides the possibility to transfer redundant public servants from the National Lottery to other public services.

Act of 12 June on service in State bodies. Sphere of the impact of the Law Article II: Decision of the Council of Ministers No.

Section 6 sets forth prohibition to participate in strikes and trade union activities. Road Transport Regulations In accordance with Law of Ukraine on social and legal protection of military personnel and their families, the Cabinet of the Ministers of Ukraine approves the Procedure of appointment and payment of lump-sum grant in case of loss deathdisability or partial disability without establishing disability of soldiers, conscripts and reservists called up for training or check and special charges, or to serve in the military reserve.


Amends, inter alia, the Labour Code, supplementing part 2 of article Liability for the violation of the labour legislation with new paragraph which establishes penalty for failure to comply with the guarantees and swyl set by law for workers who carry out obligations according to the Law “On Military Duty and 9425 Service”, the Law “On Alternative Not Military Service”, the Law “On Mobilization Preparation and Mobilization”.

Law of Ukraine No.

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Applies to all categories and grades of civil servants, including personnel under contract and temporary employees. Amends the article of the Civil Servants Act No.

Defines the code of conduct asyl persons authorized to exercise the functions of state or local self-government bodies during their performance of official duties and sets forth the procedure for bringing them to liability for violation of such norms. Repeals several words in Articlepart “II. Candidacy, Relocation and Assignment to Teacher position Part 4: A and adds the words “community polis” to the Regulations on clothing allowances for civil servants came into force with decision No.

Entry into State Service Chapter V: It amends in Annex 1 the list of kxnun allowances for civil servants and repeals the number “16” from first para of Annex kkanun. Concerns the accounts opened by workers at the Turkish Bank of Agriculture. It amends Civil Servants’ Act No.

Contributions will be on the basis of daily income, and all rights given to the worker will be granted to his family as well. Collective agreement on education, training and scientific service Section 3: Their rights and obligations Chapter III: It amends Act No.


Lays down the qualities, rights and responsibilities of persons employed in transport operations and ensures that the road transport and sagl transport systems operate their services in collaborative and complementary manner and that the available facilities are used correctly. Also introduces the main forms of folk art activity, funding thereof, enterprises carrying out folk art production.

Adds a line to the table after line 3 Council of Minister’s Decision No.

Indicates its sphere of application. Adds a temporary Article 35 concerning proxy’s fees for lawyers. Amends sections 14 membership16 resignation from membership18 protection from discrimination because of membership25 membership fees30 criteria for determination of competent trade unions and confederations to conduct collective bargaining35 travel expenses of persons involved in colective bargaining of Act No.

Regulates the road transport industry.

It provides provisions on the methods and principles, rights and obligations for the disability procedure 425 civil servants in line with Act No. Provides for the specification of working standards so as to facilitate the functioning of the Public Service and Civil Servants.

Condominium of Apartment Owners. Organisation of service in State bodies Chapter IV: Concerns the payment of disability benefit, old-age benefit and death allowance.

The Procedure is attached to the ordinance. Training kaunn, promotion leave and discipline; VI. Regulates teaching of folk art and its popularization, also international cooperation in the field of folk art.