Read 62 Modelo para Armar book reviews & author details and more at Amazon. in Julio Cortazar 62 Modelo para Armar (Spanish) Paperback – 1 Jan The episodic “Hopscotch” may have higher highs, but this is Julio Cortazar’s .. Con mucho del aire de la misma ‘Rayuela’, ’62/Modelo para armar’ se siente. After emphasizing the peculiar nature of the novel 62/Modelo para armar, born linked to a previous theoretical discourse (chapter 62 of Rayuela) and.

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Tanti racconti, tanti luoghi in uno, tante facce di un unico prisma, componibile appunto. A Model Kit in Spanish in ; the edition I read was translated in De ongrijpbare pluriformiteit van deze roman vond ik erg pxra, en de onmogelijke werkelijkheden die werden voorgetoverd vond ik door hun duistere grilligheid ook enorm rijk.

It is charming and cruel, tragic and hilarious, ambiguous yet direct, and written with clear, poetic prose. I knew it before I knew it that I was going to be saying his name a lot. Perhaps because it is the glimpse of this perfection that I see so often in him that I want to find something of his that sustains it purely.

So it opens on Juan alone on Christmas Eve at a subpar restaurant having just bought a book and in the process of getting diligently drunk, and someone else in the restaurant says something that reminds him of a series of things that he reminisces about — except that it’ll be clear later that those things haven’t really happened yet, and not in the order he remembers them anyway. The book teaches you how to read its peculiar shifts and emotional hues and half-tones, though it can be tough going in the beginning while you’re getting the hang of it.

I found the writing tedious. De eerste fragmenten draaien om ongrijpbare associaties – of beter: Please try again later. The episodic “Hopscotch” may have higher highs, but this is Julio Cortazar’s greatest novel from start to finish. May 16, David Katzman rated it did not like it Shelves: At any rate, every phrase that Cortazar wrote took the sentence in a different direction, and I became tired of trying to figure out what he was trying to say.


And there were sentences that could be an entire page long, and seemingly unaware that punctuation existed.

Okay those are the disclaimers. Ook dit leesavontuur was weer mooi, ook bij herlezing, en ook dit leesavontuur hoop ik nog eens te herhalen. I think it has something to do with why part of Helene is still somewhere else. It’s like being on a mega-dose of caffeine but it sucks out all your wit. Cortazar has profound insights into friendships and amorous relationships, but he offers them at steep and oblique angles. Refresh and try again.

Read more Read less. I don’t even really know what it was about.

What I’m left with: En fin, una novela deliciosa. I have quite a few favourite antics of the tartars, but I’ll highlight the castaway moment for Calac, Palanco and my paedros. That may not be the case on a second read, though.

62: A Model Kit

Okay here we go. He’s ruggedly handsome actually I don’t know if he’s ever physically described, but in my head he’s devastatingly 6 because Juan is exactly the boy I always and forever will unreachably fall in love with. I’ll spare you the pretense, because this book, although it doesn’t impress as much as “Ulysses” or something, engages you MUCH more and manages to achieve what Joyce had difficulty with — a humble avant-garde novel, rife with literary substance, barren of black turtlenecks.

Geweldig bovendien is de wijze waarop Cortazar ons trakteert op nauwelijks te bevatten maar uiterst suggestieve flarden, die met elkaar verbonden kunnen worden maar alleen op pre-logische surrealistische wijze.

62 Modelo Para Armar 62 a Model Kit Cortazar Julio

I’m glad that I named my bird after Cortazar. Waarbij het ook nog zo kan zijn dat die personages zich als het ware opsplitsen in meerdere personen, die bestaan op meerdere niveaus. Het is ook veel minder bekend dan “Rayuela” en wordt door veel mensen ook opgevat als een herhalingsoefening en een veel minder sterk boek. Lists ar,ar This Book.


I felt like I was constantly trying to trace the thoughts of armaf intellectual squirrel on crystal meth. I suppose that means this’ll be kind of spoilery?

62 Modelo Para Armar 62 a Model Kit Cortazar Julio | eBay

View all 3 comments. Geen idee hoe Cortazar dat flikt, ook niet nu ik ” Bouwdoos” voor de derde keer lees. Because here are the characters. But also perhaps because he is a pure writer that he can never write something that sustains this, that it only comes out in bursts–because his messiness is what makes him so pure and beautiful and human. Like being in a lot of different cities. It skipped around codtazar the chronology and the narrator changed frequently, sometimes even in mid-sentence.

Jun 06, Geoff rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’m not making it up.

62/modelo para armar (Spanish Edition): Julio Cortazar: : Books

I think without end and yet I have the feeling that it’s in the heart. Agmar I loved; one I did not. Dec 08, Lauren rated it it was amazing Shelves: May 18, Mariel rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Cortazar had Argentinean parents but was born in Europe then moved back to Buenos Aires when he was very young and later, back to Europe. What I loved about Het is een geweldig romanexperiment, zeer associatief, surrealistisch en van een voor “62 – Bouwdoos” is een soort satelliet of vervolg van Atmar meesterwerk “Rayuela”, dat ik kort geleden weer eens herlas.

Dat is dan als een nieuw maar onvolgroeid oog, dat begint te ontstaan, of – zoals iets verderop wordt gezegd- als een “nieuwe sleutel” die “als moedlo bijna niet te bevatten poging in de mens groeit”.