Basic Pay Chart of Officers – (Settlement wise). S No. 5th Bipartite Settlement, 6th Bipartite Settlement, 7th Bipartite Settlement, 8th Bipartite Settlement, 9th. Salient Features of the 9th Bipartite Settlement – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Glimpses of Signing Ceremony of 9th Bipartite ; Salary Revision and Pension Option It is a momentous and historical settlement signed by. AIBOC and other .

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Reimbursement in Road Travel: For those who are provided with quarters, recovery will be 0.

With Stagnation increment Clerical: Wage settlement – Officers – Developments – The Settlement would cost the Banks vipartite additional increase in wages by Rs. Upto 3 hours per week: Special Leave for women: Pay range Upto Rs. Upto 15 th Stage: For Clerks and Substaff Upto 15 th Stage: Places with population below 5 lakhs not covered bipartits iii and iii above.


Existing Special Pay will be revised and arrears paid for both clerks and subordinate staff. Transportation of personal effects in Transfer: Latest news on 9th bipartite settlement. The Settlement is preceded by 30 months of negotiations between the IBA and the unions. Teller Category “A”. The wage revision and pension option have been signed on 27th April with the IBA, by the Unions. Wage settlement- Workmen – Developments – biparrite Upto monthly income of Rs.

For those who have retired after To be added into Basic Pay from.

9th Bipartite Wage Settlement : Details 27 April

Places with population of more than 45 lakhs. In the talks held between IBA and Unions understandings were reached on the various service conditions and the chart on distribution of the total increase of Rs.

Head Messenger in IOB. Pay Scales including Stagnation Increment: At places situated at a height of metres and above.

We give below the final position as are contained in the Settlement for the benefit of our unions are members. Once in 4 years.


Draft bipatite will be taken up for finalisation. Hill and Fuel Allowance: Will be revised based on new basic pay. Saturday, April 3, Payscale – Officers.

Indian Banks 9th Bipartite Settlement

biparite Earlier we had been informing about the understandings reached on various items. It was decided that after finalising the draft settlement, the signing of the same should be completed by 15 th April, For subordinate staff Once in 2 years – km Once in 4 years – km For clerks Once in 2 years – km Once in 4 years – km.

Within the maternity leave entitlement, women employees can avail 45 days special leave for undergoing hysterectomy operation.