A plethora of paladins — Christopher Wood. Seven new alignment-oriented NPC classes. OTHER FEATURES. The laws of magic — Charles. Back in Dragon #, an article appeared called A Plethora Of Paladins. It outlined rules for paladins of every alignment. How cool is that?!. However, in Dragon magazine #, an article titled A Plethora of Paladins (by Christopher Wood) explained who and what paladins of other.

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The knowledge and awareness of many beasts is limited by their intelligence, but at a minimum, beasts can give you information about nearby locations and monsters, including whatever they can perceive or have perceived within the past day. In time, your compan-ionship will turn them to your cause.

While you are conscious, dead creatures within 10 feet of you cannot be reanimated as undead, and written material cannot be destroyed unless you permit it. You and friendly creatures within 5 feet of you have advantage on saving throws against being charmed while you are conscious.

The open source wouldn’t generate revenue but they could make different gaming paadins using it, market them and be squillionaires inside of 6 months!

Starting at 7th level, you radiate divine advancement, shielding creatures against stupor and stagnation. Illriggers have chances to know listed spells and minimum and maximum spells per level as magic-users do see Players Handbook, p. You gain proficiency in the History skill.


Immunity to normal diseases of all types, excluding magical diseases and lycanthropy. When you use your Divine Smite, you inflict an extra 1d8 radiant damage against dragons and giants instead of fiends and undead. Seeing her fellows surrounded on all sides by deceptively-beautiful dryads and nymphs, all part of the forest’s efforts to drive them away from their task, an armored woman quiets before suddenly raising her morningstar high and shouting a prayer to her god.

Arrikhans can use any magic items except those usable only by magic-users or illusionists. THE LYAN The lawful neutral lyan functions more as a cleric than a fighter, for his church consists only of other lyans no acolytes, clerics, priests, etc.

Paladins are powerful, becose they are heroes of good and law. Though you be a conqueror of imbalance, you sow only sectarianism if you forget to be an aid to those without your insight. I totally agree with Maalri. Live for others, not for yourself. Do they approve of such heroics? Others yet may worship none, instead espousing pure reason as greater than faith. By 10th level your patron’s influence rests so heavily on you that it partially nullifies hostile magic.


This is the last log needed to help the farmer build his cabin, the first proper home in this new settlement. At 15th level, you and friendly creatures within 10 feet of you are immune to being charmed or frightened while you are conscious.

Having been warned by a colony of moles about the presence of an orc warband, he advances purposefully, gripping a wooden club enchanted with divine power, prepared for battle against the fell invaders.

At 3rd level, you gain proficiency in the Persuasion skill. The Oath of Betrothal can be sworn in many circumstances, from literal marriage to private pining. The world is what it is, and each player has their part.

A plethora of paladins | Circle of Eight Modding Community

At 10th level, a lyan can construct his own edificial church, thus attracting followers. But not to become big business. As a bonus action, you can use your Channel Divinity to call on the powers of primordial chaos, blessing a weapon you touch with volatile potency.


He rode now in that service, toward the stronghold paldains Gugazh the shadowed, the chaotic, the anti-paladin. At 1st level, the myrikhan designates a certain type of weapon bastard sword, quarterstaff, morning star, etc. The two are identical in every way but one: Beginning when you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you learn how to infuse your attacks with holy radiance.

At 9th level or above, a fantra might attract tabaxi or atomies as followers, but otherwise he works only with other fantras. The love bug has bitten you hard, and you’re head over heels for a beloved who hardly knows you. The ability to concoct ingestive plethoda and their antidotes from natural herbs and roots.

A Plethora of Paladins

In my world, not everyone would be just good and evil. Pioneer You have become skilled at overcoming the chaos of the wilderness. In consideration of that, the following are a number of optional features you can include with sacred oaths found in the Player’s Handbookthe Dungeon Master’s Guideo Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guideand in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything to provide extra proficiencies to paladins for those interested.


Oathkeepers are rangers who swear sacred vows, committing themselves to felling unholy monsters and pursuing virtuous living.

Your beloved is presently your espoused; in time, you will be joined forever pzladins matrimony. It’s there as an idea if you want it. Every mortal springs forth from this foundation of history, born to parents, oaladins through society, and learning from the mistakes and successes of yore. The bite of your blows is pletnora not on the unholy, but on the extreme. Beginning at 15th level, you are always under the effects of a protection from evil and good spell.

Be they pure oc or fiery advocates for social rearrangement, these paladins wield powers from their personal vision of the future as they quest to put an end to the most recent chapter of history. Alien Endurance At 15th level, you can generate a mental ward to palxdins your body in response to danger.

Be courteous, but serious and professional in your manner. Finally having had enough, it disappears in a flash of mist, teleporting to safety. Tenets of the Faith Druids of the Circle of the Faith draw inspiration from knights of devotion for their sacred oaths. No act of pf is too base, no deed of violence too vile for him. Daily Arcana Beginning at 1st level, your patron has taught you techniques for flex- ible spell preparation.

You can choose to roll on the table, select an idea, or come up with your own. Her envisioned invention shall come to pass. A Half-Elf grimaces a bit as he spends his late night watch idly flipping through the pages of his Book of Shadows, a not-too-shabby imitation of the grand arcane tome his master possesses.