Terror Of The Skies, The Airship Pirate Board Game Set in the world of Abney Park’s music, as featured in the novel The Wrath Of Fate, and the award winning . Airship Pirates RPG Line Developers: Peter Cakebread and Ken Walton Abney Park’s Airship Pirates RPG is produced by Cakebread & Walton under. From the music of renowned steampunk band Abney Park From the journals of Captain Robert of the airship HMS Ophelia From the creators of the Clockwork.

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More Information Edit History. Beyond adding character to the player characters, Backgrounds provide the Skills for each character.

The winning side lands their blow. Giving the artists who make this book so gorgeous to flip through in such a manner is airshkp nice.

Airship Pirates RPG downloadable PDF

Exploding Dice Die may ‘explode’ into a second roll. Automatons are humanoid robots built by the Neovictorians. The American wilderness lies below.

Dice Pool Roll multiple dice vs target. You’ve got a crew. Just as much personality is present in the Shticks. In the walled, fog-shrouded cities, people huddle in forced Victorian squalor, lorded over by the upper classes.

Add tags Tags separate by space: As Matt detailed some of this in his Victoriana reviewwhich was a big help as I tried to get a grasp on the Heresy Engine rules these games share. You’ve got one of Doctor Calgori’s fancy chronominautilus devices. Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Tabletop Review: Abney Park’s Airship Pirates

A third sidebar answers a couple of questions I had about the compatibility of Airship Pirates with Victoriana and Dark Harvest. That these rules are as logical as they are, while still being thrilling and fun in practice, is a small feat. A RPG is a game, not a computer game although there are RPG’s on the computer, this is not how they got their start, and not what this is but an actual sit-around–table-with-living-people style game.

In the walled, fog-shrouded cities, people huddle in forced Victorian squalor, lorded over by the upper classes. Even if you never play the game, you will enjoy reading the detailed history of the world of Abney Park.

The player gets 3 points to distribute as they will, with the limitation being that they cannot add all 3 to one attribute. Yours is a life of adventure, plunder and infamy. This is a pretty elegant way to generate attributes and it makes balancing a party fairly easy. Beast-haunted wastelands are criss-crossed by the tracks of the freedom-loving Neobedouins.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 30 March, This sort of material being as good as it is does the setting of Airship Pirates quite a service. Another sidebar introduces the band, to those who have wandered in from the other direction, and points them in the right direction.

They studied the huge library of Abney Park songs, and read an advanced copy of the Abney Park novel The Wrath Of Fate, and then wrote like feverish deamons for months to fill in the gaps and create this first detailed look into a world thats been forming in my head, and the collective brains of Abney Park fans for nearly 20 years. The margin of successes over the losing character determines the damage dealt.


Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Our goal is to have this available by August.

Tabletop Review: Abney Park’s Airship Pirates | Diehard GameFAN

If you are a fan of Victoriana or Dark Harvestthis is a fantastic alternative setting and sourcebook. There is a full crew of pre-generated Airship Pirateswhich is fantastic. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can check them out on iTunes aiship Spotify to see if you like their brand of steampunk tomfoolery.

Someone screwed the timeline up It’s From the steampunk sky-cities of Isla Aether and High Tortuga come the airship pirates. Each pirate crew is encouraged to have a shtick, a cover persona for when they come to port or encounter the authorities. No Comments Oct 29, Character Creation is where the majority of players will spend their time with a book.