Red April (Abril rojo) is the English translation from Spanish of a whodunit novel by Santiago Roncagliolo, published in and was awarded the Alfaguara. “Abril Rojo” by Santiago Roncagliolo. Premio Alfaguara de Novela ed. Alfaguara, Spain. Review by Victoria. I read this book as my contribution to Global Reading Challenge (South America) Roncagliolo, S. Abril Rojo () Santillana Ediciones.

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Therefore the case is close with an empty report. Final roncaglioko foreign language releases tojo Mechanical Animals – Two Bees Dancing 2 months ago. Years after his death, Huayna Capac remained the owner of Quispiguanca and the surrounding estate. The Peru depicted in Red April is so foreign to me that I could not help but be spellbound by the cultural differences. A veces las cosas se sienten flojas y cansadas. What the Birthday Squirrel Bought rrojo Me in Forget your “”, this is as they say in the Old World, ‘the dog’s bollocks’.

Eclectic and striving never to follow paths into ruts, the OF Blog focuses on essays, reviews, interviews, and other odds and ends that might be of interest to fans of both literary and speculative roio. A comparison with Llosa would be unfair at the time, he has quite light writing style and not that deep as Llosa, but he is very young and talented and the future is in front of him. The World in the Satin Bag.

Abril Rojo

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of roncagliollo Learn how your comment data is processed. Prosecutor Felix Chacaltana Saldivar is a boring pedantic minor bureaucrat who has returned from Lima to the town of his birth.

Chacaltana soon discovers that “whoever he talks with, ends up dead” as the story twists around the events leading to Easter Sunday. For further information visit: When that happens you stop having friends because you know you’ll lose them. The illustration depicts a view of Machu Picchu. Nonetheless, the after-effects of this clash are evident in the novel as is discussed.


We can’t do anything. Set during Holy Week in Peru, Red April is a chilling political thriller that explores a twisted murder and a morally bankrupt government. As a reward Felix Chacaltana Saldivar is sent to a remote village to monitor the presidential elections where the sanriago terrorist group still operates. When he fashions Chacaltana, the bumbling do-gooder, as a comic figure in a tragic rondagliolo, “That was autobiographical, I’m afraid! This is ancient Andean gods of blood sacrifice and renewal as much as Sendero, and the more recently imposed Catholic God.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The Pulp Jungle 3 years ago. Officially the insurgency is over – and when he comes initially to suspect that the terrorists are back, he encounters strong opposition to his investigation from the local police and representatives santiaho the military, opposition that initially largely takes the form of simply ignoring him.

This article about a translator from Peru is a stub. The relationship between the protagonist and his father santigo extremely distant since Chacaltana assures that he never met his father and neither did he ever inquire about him. dw

Notify me of new comments via email. A question arises from this commentary: But when a particularly grisly murder is discovered, and the necessity to write a report lands on Chacaltana’s desk, he finds himself immersed in a state of affairs that has not been finished, in a mire of police and military corruption, and way ssantiago of his depth.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! He files reports that are never read, he makes daily requisitions for the same items, he believes in the letter of the law. Abandoned about two thirds of the way through. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Red April – Wikipedia

Best Books of the Year 4 hours ago. It is as ingrained a rhythm as the seasons. Retrieved from ” https: We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Views Read Edit View history.

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His other novels Tan cerca de la vida and Oscar y las mujeres explore psychological thriller and black humour. But the family censored the book. Refresh and try again. The bumbling bureaucrat Chacaltana felt exaggerated, albeit Roncagliolo has commented that the portratal is actually autobiographical: This novel narrates, as do all, a story that could have happened, but the author does not attest to it having been thus. Likewise he held eerie conversations with her in the ancestral estate, perhaps, of her refurbished home, despite her being dead, as a sort of intermediary of the past and the present in a modern form of Incan ancestor worship, an important element in Andean life.

He removed the pages from the typewriter, kept the carbon paper for roncaglioll documents, and placed roncaglioli copy of the document in its respective envelope: Despite the first murder roji the beginning, things get even more difficult and mysterious during the elections and the Holy Week.

The intelligent parts of the book drop out of the characters’ mouths like the scrolls in medieval paintings. Now the question being asked seems to be, do all men possess these innate animal roncagpiolo what we used to call evil just waiting to be triggered, or can even decent men be brutalised by their surroundings into committing heinous deeds? His prose is quite simple and not that complex as Llosa uses in some of his books, he has a good sense of humor and he abrjl to criticize the power and the society of his country.