The Hamburg cultural scientist Aby M. Warburg (–) was a pioneer of the modern study of art and visual culture. Before the First World War, he made. In December , Warburg started to compose a work in the form of a picture atlas named Mnemosyne. In Aby Warburg began his picture atlas „Mnemosyne“ – he, his method and its use in visual studies stood fairly alone. Working with photographs was by no.

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His memory was never lost among scholars like Jean Seznec Survival of the pagan godsPierre Bourdieu On the symbolic formsFrancis Yates, and through them it became known among artists, journalists, and filmmakers.

After Bings comment to this Warburg, at half past four in the morning, comes up warvurg the following proposal:.

The Mnemosyne Atlas, October 1929

Mnemosyhe Warburg und der Antisemitismus: Warburg, for his part, renounced all sentimental aestheticism, and in his writings criticised a vulgarised idealisation of an individualism that had been imputed to the Renaissance in the work of Jacob Burckhardt.

Aby Moritz Warburg June 13, Hamburg.

They meet regularly at the 8. All structures of the paintings have their textual correspondence in his mnemksyne La giostra as well as in the sources he has used himself.

In this context he drew several family trees both of the generations of painters and their patrons, and he constructed several tableaux to tame and order the escalating matter of his research.

This illustrates as much the complexity of the material as the difficulty of capturing it in words.

The Getty Research Institutep. Warbugg receiving his doctorate Warburg studied for two semesters at the Medical Faculty of the University of Berlinwhere he attended lectures on psychology. He took close looks at popular, moving, and reproduceable media that could even more assert the survival of forms and their intrinsic energies.

In making use of these capacities, the concept of history is transformed into an image-structure. It is obvious that it was impossible to develop this kind of survey any further into a complete system because his subject matter did not fit the taxonomic order of things. Having accomplished what he always contended, Warburg was hardly able to enjoy this late success. The most famous photo of the trip shows Warburg holding a half naked dancer resting.


This makes it interesting not only for art history and visual studies, but also for artists. Instead of projecting geographical knowledge onto a two-dimensional plane as the conventional cartographic map does, his atlas consists of a number of plates each of which is a configuration of reproduced images, which are collected under a common heading or leitmotif.

Logically there have been attempts to reconstruct the original structure, in particular by Bing and Gombrich in the s, in order to demostrate the programme of Warburgian research, but all attempts have been considered as unsatisfying.

After the war the library was re-opened in London by Saxl and Bing to be incorporated into the University, now to be called The Warburg Institute, with Saxl as its first director. During his absence work must have continued.

Migrationiconology of intervalinterspacesignears combinatoria. Max Warburg ,nemosyne the Warburg family bank as a “global player”. He predominantly used photographs, but also included illustrations from books or picture files, original graphics, and newspaper mnemosne.

When you read the early lectures of the Warburg Library in Hamburg, you have to realize that most of them were delivered in his private home, and some of them in the absence of Warburg who had initiated it all. To a certain degree, the Portugaleser medal might stand as a symbol for various problems Warburg had to face and the questions he had raised. You can deduce this e.

Media Art Net | Warburg, Aby M.: Mnemosyne-Atlas

For Foucault simultaneously emphasises that resemblance is indispensable for any recognition. He did not want to be a rabbi, as his grandmother wished, nor a doctor or lawyer. As a port city exchanging goods with trade partners from all over the world, it is no surprise that the city of Hamburg has a old relationship with Portugal. The remaining building in Hamburg was abused by Nazi organizations; after the war it was no longer wanted back by the Warburg Family – the loss of this institution was seemingly a too open wound to be cured; so the building was transformed into a film studio and occupied by promotion agencies, even though, from time to time, journalists or writers reminded of the unsolved problem of neglecting Warburg’s heritage.


The University of Chicago Press, The Hamburg cultural scientist Aby M. Warburg makes his own experiments with layouts and headlines, and the complexity of his short languages shows in how far he overcharges the objects:. While Freud tried to formulate a “psychohistory” that defines man as a being that is caught in a web of subindividual forces and superindividual demands, Warburg wrote a history of images that teaches us the function of images in general, i.

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte R The dissertation was completed in and printed in Research is thus more than just objective and empirical exploration that is legitimized in itself by its unforseen discoveries. That he sought a proper title for his theory, i. This coin expressed not only the importance of Portugal in sea-trade but also stood for the tolerance of liberal Hamburg that accepted Portuguese merchants of all confessions to live and work in the city.

There is no conference where his name wouldn’t be mentioned at least once. Another snapshot is of Warburg wearing a Kachina dancer’ s mask. In this context he emphasises that the relationship between things is nothing which is just there, inherent mnemosynee the nature of things, instead it is a result of the human perception — or rather the human eye and mind.

Warburg was a technophile. It is entirely built on Internet technology and can be consulted through the www. To a certain degree, this is not a proof for a lack of originality, but also a consequence of the fact, that so many ideas of Warburg have been adopted and popularized as atla historical methods. They help in gathering ideas and illustrating presentations while always remaining flexible.

Aby Warburg, System als Umfangsbestimmung. Despite the discussion of the original structure, its categories and keywords, it is, in my opinion, more important to stress the ambivalence of different people and mentalities coming together in this library.