I messed up a few times while performing Stigmata. I pretty much have all the patter (although not too original) down. I just need some help and. Acidus Directus: An Acidus Novus Handling Tweak. By Jay Jennings. (In the description below, when I say the front or back of the card, I mean in relation to the. I’m starting to delve a little bit into mentalism at the moment and I’ve recently been trying to get to grips with Acidus Novus but I have one main.

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And this is from someone who has a tendency to overthink stuff like this. Millard is, without a doubt, one of the most generous people I know. The result was an audio interview that will be of interest to anyone who is serious about mentalism and its history.

Im just curious is this one of those old mentalism items that belong in the dark ages? As Al Mann wrote over 25 years ago, the Acidus Novus methodology is strictly for the professional Mentalist and the serious student — individuals who nous be able to justify the expense of this package because they will be using it.


This page was created in 0. And you being who you are, say, “Not at all! Millard Regular user Millard Longman Posts.

This can cause the spec. We work with the United States Playing Card co and have produced 14 lines of playing card decks that are repeatedly acclaimed by top industry pros and magic enthusiasts all over the world.


I am fairly satisfied that my search for the billet move of choice is over. PK Regular user Posts. Without a doubt, the original Acidus Novus was a breakthrough and continues to be a major player in the contemporary world novu billet work. What I saw in the preview was someone wrote down something on a business card while you look away and you, as the performer folded and crushed it up and still, with head turned, sat it on the table.

Spidey In my looking at and around the product I only found one mention of Millard as a side note in the ad. Or next week, for that aacidus. Learn how to be a real mind-reader!

Sneak Peak by Bedros Akkelian

As good as the original Acidus Novus was, this book will show you improvements and additional handlings that will allow you to take your billet work to the next level — immediately! This is why Millard asked Richard to put his Acidus Envelopus into print. It also appears in his book mokele i think. Chuck the blooming billet on the novua or on a table.

This is how magic grows and how each division or niche area within magic, unfolds. Should you have more questions, feel free to ask please.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Acidus Novus

If you value your time the way we value ours, you’ll appreciate the work that’s gone into these templates. Admittedly, the quality of this recording isn’t anywhere near professional standards, but the ideas come through loud and clear nonetheless. Also since you are a huge fan of crediting, you must know that Banachek does ALOT with double blank acidks, is he a magician also?


I consider myself to be a fairly persuasive person, and it took quite a bit of work on my part to bring this project together. Semi-Retired Mystery Performer Location: I mean at the end of the day these are two VERY useable, practical and strong principles and I use both a lot!

MEVPRO Shop – Professional Products for Professional People

There isn’t really a correct height Connexion IS a mentalism effect in that when I perform it for people they accept it as a demonstration of mental ability and not sleight of hand. Your cart is empty. Nicodemus Special user Posts.

He seems a great guy and all, love his energy and what I think is actual acidys on screen, but I deplore the fact that a. That is Acidus Novus!

Competency with basic coin moves translates very well into billet work e. Yes its slightly misleading but i was just going for the surprise effect, I wanted to confuse the viewer as to when it happened, and evidently it worked! Or next week, for that matter. All i say is this “i just performed the peak in front of you 4 times As they say in the infomercials, ” Tony Iacoviello Eternal Order Posts.