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Burrs or thickening at the edges of the holes must be removed and the transistor bolted down on a plane surface. For a few variations the thermal resistance may be derived as follows: RPY7I Photoconductive cell for ‘industrial’ applications.

Where a cooling clip or a heatsink is attached to the device, the allowable power dissipation is also dependent on the efficiency of the heatsink. I c mA max. Each part is completely reviewed annually; revised and reprinted where necessary. The effect of heatsinks of various thermal resistance and contact resistance is often included in the above ar162.

N thfs 5 0. BE sat decreases by datadheet 1. The serial number consists of one letter Z, Y, X, W, etc.

The collector voltage is negative with respect to base in PNP transistors and positive w. The vatasheet V is used to denote a decimal sign.

The BCY87 and 88 are intended for applications in the pre-stages of differential amplifiers, where low offset, drift and noise are of prime importance.


The case temperature during soldering must not at anytime exceed the maximum storage temperature. This example describes how the SOAR curves are used to check the suitability of the Datzsheet power transistors in a television audio amplifier application.

The devices are encapsulated in TO envelopes with all leads insulated from the case. The transistor is recommended for use in the i.

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The collector lead must, in addition, be soldered to a copper area of at least 10mm x 10mm. Ieiav max The maximum permissible average datasheet of the total emitter current.

Hence the thermal resistance is calculated using average power.

To assist in determining the rating in this second area, further curves are provided relating the voltage rating to external circuit conditions, datxsheet example: When the mica washer is used, the compound must be applied to both sides of the washer. This is noted by an abrupt switching of the collector-emitter voltage to a low value at point D.

This occurs when the quiescent state is followed by the overload conditions. Voltage Regulator Diodes, Transient Suppression Diodes The first letter indicates the nominal percentage tolerance in the operating voltage Vz. These readings were recorded every 20[xs through the complete cycle of xs.

Move horizontally to the left aad162 the appropriate orientation either horizontal or vertical and the appropriate surface finish is reached.


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Thermal calculations The maximum permissible mounting base temperature is now determined as follows: The rating also includes the switch off current. A test resistor of 01 11 is Oscilloscope Fig.

The transistor is recommended for use in the input stages of a. Final Data The transfer from tentative data to final data involves the addition of those numerical values and curves which were not available at tentative data stage and small adjustments to those values already quoted in tentative data.

TO 3. Base current ratings In max Ib av max liut AV max IllM The maximum permissible base current without further qualification, the dc value is implied. Thermal resistance between junction and ambient, the device mounted on a ceramic substrate of 7 x 5 x 0. T CM maX – “’em.

Tentative Data Tentative data aims at providing information on new devices as early as possible to allow the customer to proceed with circuit design. V min PiotTiax Case No. A general relationship for the approximate second harmonic distortion, d 2gen- erated by current gain mismatch, is given by the expression: The circuit configuration is shown in Fig.

Printed circuit board with 1.