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The goddess Prajna, who is both w i t h and without form, is embraced by h i m ; bereft of origin and change, he is immutable bliss. There is a constant merger o f the phenomenal samvrti into the absolute paramartha, logically because the former has the ‘ v o i d ‘ sunya as its basis, and in the experience o f the adept, because he dissolves the phenomenal in sunya, this being the proper aim o f all sadhanas; and the frame o f reference wherein the tantric conducts all his sadhana is the complete identity o f the two.

Hurvitz, University o f Washington, Lama Kunga Labrang, Senior Abbot of the Jckundo Monastery in Central Tibet, n o w with the Inner Asia Project at the University of Washington, have helped, in equally important though contcxtually very different ways, to create the climate in which this sort o f investigation could be accomplished.

The Tantric Tradition Swami Aghehananda Bharati

Get the item you ordered or your money back. Durga was a native Bengali goddess, so was Candi of Camundi in Mysore, or again K a l i in Bengal, and they all were gradually identified w i t h the consort o f the Vedic Rudra, Rudrani—which was fortunate for her, for in the Veda the great god’s spouse had been rather colourless.

Heinrich Z i m m e r states the situation in a manner which w o u l d make the iconographical paradox less flagrant: Return agehahanda Book Page. These H i n d u texts are considerably later than the Buddhist Vajrayana texts which teach seminal retention as the method o f realizing the sunya, and the teaching thus propounded in the H i n d u tantras may well have been a modified take-over from Buddhist texts.


B y ‘psycho-experimental’ I mean aagehananda to experimenting w i t h one’s o w n mind’, not in the manner o f the speculative philosopher or the poet, but rather i n the fashion o f a would-be psychoanalyst who is himself being analysed by some senior man in the trade. Bhattacharya describes sunya and the contemplation of it exactly like the brahman o f the Advaita monist; he refers to the meditative process o f the Madhyamikas as ‘securing teadition with the sunya or Infinite Spiritl I tfadition the similarity of diction and style is a trap into which Indian scholars readily fall because there is no tradition o f textual criticism in India.

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Then he must do three more dcamanam rinsings meditating on these mantras: This amount is subject to change until you make payment. P r c – A r y a n Indian deities were absorbed into the Brahmin pantheon; or, more precisely, any popular god became identified w i t h a genuinely Brahmin deity whose features or functions were not too dissimilar: This would be a trivial cautioning, were it not for the fact that scholars o f merit have fallen into the temptation o f drawing inferences on the basis o f similarity in diction.

O u r manual says p. Indian authors w h o study tantrism, tradltion two Bhattacharyas, S. In the Mahdydna classification o f the three ‘bodies’, defini tional certainty is by no means equally strong.

But the flavour here is definitely anti-caste, or at least anti-Brahmanical. He gives special emphasis to mantra, initiation, the malefemale polarity symbolism with its ritualistic corollaries, and to the history and development of tantrism in India and Tibet.

Agehananda Bharati – The Tantric Tradition – Free Download PDF

The installation of the sripdtra is concluded by a very poetical incantation, and by this meditation: No trivia or quizzes yet. Bhattacharya, Buddhist Iconography, pp. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script.

It is a pattern frequently observed elsewhere: Then the sddhaka should assume the attitude o f the great vira and tje worship the Sakti-circle, the Vaisnava-circle, the nine planets, and the agehhananda goddess o f the kula Kulakatyayani.


The tthe important pdtram is called sripdtram and contains five kinds of flowers durva, aksata, the rose, barvara, aparajitaover which lustral agehanxnda is sprinkled as the mantras are muttered. Raghavabhatta, an important tantric scholar o f the eighteenth century, says: Ritualistic intercourse is held with a woman who is not one’s wife the literal translation “another’s wife”, though lexicographically correct, may be a distortion of tantrjc writers and interpretersand women of all castes are equally agehanxnda.

There is an interesting passage on the transition from pasu- to vira- worship. That sila should be denigrated, w o u l d seem strange at first: Classical philosophy uses these terms only for conditional sentences; modern linguistically oriented philosophy, however, per mits the use o f protasis and apodosis also for more general propositions; our specific proposition w o u l d be ‘as there is rebirth, there is also the possibility o f escape f r o m it’.

Indo Asian Literatures, ed. I think the main reason is simply that these terms are ready theological superlatives, abstract enough for the statement of principles. Item specifics Non-Fiction Subject: If the old philosophical terminology is used the contents o f most Indian systems can indeed be told in very few words, but I am convinced that this succinctness is as deceptive and vague as the terminology of classical philosophy.

This book presupposes familiarity w i t h the basic doctrines o f Hinduism and Buddhism—it is for this reason that the chapter on tantric philosophy is short and emendatory rather than a survey.