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Monday, September 3, Human Resource Ministry responds to call for abolition of contractor for labour.


The Star, Feb MTUC telah membantah dengan kuat dan juga telah berpiket di Parlimen pada 3hb Oktobertetapi walaupun terdapat bantahan keras daripada berbagai pihak, Rang Undang-undang kontroversial ini telah diluluskan di Dewan Rakyat pada 6hb Oktoberdan telah akhirnya mulai berkuatkuasa pada 1hb April I can forward this to my customers but what if they refuse to pay?

Therefore, the belief that the Ministry is promoting employment of workers through the contractor for labour system or outsourcing is not accurate. In its communication of 10 Aprilthe complainant states that foreign domestic workers are the most marginalized group of migrants in the country: The MOHR Minister, in an attempt to placate the MTUC, trade unions, civil society groups and workers issued an exemption order, effective April 1 stwhich, amongst others, stated: A ceasefire has been brokered to end the three-day strike by truckers against depot operators which had paralysed Port Klang’s the import and export industry, but discontent still simmers.

Full payment must be received prior to the event, but longer payment terms can be arranged. Realiti ini yang bermula dengan pekerja migrant, kini sudah merangkumi pekerja tempatan. What was clear was that the practice employment through this sub-contractor for labour has long been occurring and they were not registered.

I refer to your letter dated 4 th May about the abovementioned matter. Person attending the training To register additional delegates, please complete the information on separate enrolment form Name: Secara berkesan, syarikat prinsipal dapat mengelak daripada tanggungjawab dan obligasi majikan untuk memastikan hak dan kebajikan pekerja-employee mereka. There are today about registered labour outsourcing companies in the country today.


Akta Pekerjaan 1955 Bahasa Melayu Pdf

Thus, the definition of contractor for labour manpower contractors is not a new proposal. In connection with that, whatever decision made is only based on the interest of both parties being worker rights and employer interest which have to be balanced. They are, security of tenure — ensuring permanence of employment, and proprietary right to the job — where termination of worker, shall be only with just cause and excuse and by due process.

Outsourcing of work is when principal employer outsources some specified work or operations which are not their core operation, to another company who carries out the work for the principal using their own employees under their own control and supervision. These outsourcing companies recruited local workers and migrant workers, some on fix term contracts, with terms and conditions usually less favourable than that of workers directly employed by principals.

If the principal wants to now get rid of workers, it now merely have to inform the outsource company. This is to ensure a harmonious labour environment.

Kursus Akta Pekerjaan (Termasuk Pindaan )_MyAnuar_Synergy

The employment scenario in the pekdrjaan began to change in the aktz s. We would like to address just one of several aspects of the new amendments that is the main bone of pindaqn, i. It opened doors resulting in a direct assault on the basic foundation of labour rights, the undermining dignity of labour, perpetuating the establishment and operation of dehumanized and bonded labour.

Tarikbalik pindaan kepada Akta Kerja Thus, in realizing this transformation, the Ministry is of the pekerjaab that the said Employment Act need to be strengthened by making necessary amendments to already existing clauses after taking into consideration the views of workers and employers through a tripartite approach to ensure that the welfare of workers is given clear guarantees in labour legislations so that it is always protected.

The amendment was meant to expand to expand the scope of usage so that it covers and includes the relationship between principal, contractors and sub-contractors that provide manpower. The Act also did establish two very important principles of law which are considered sacrosanct to this day.


Akta itu juga telah mengwujudkan dua princip undang-undang yang masih hingga hari ini dianggap sangat penting. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Well, finally we have obtained a proper response from the Malaysian government. In conclusion, in making a new policy and amendment to any labour laws, the Ministry always listens and considers any suggestions advanced by workers or employers and other dialogue partners.

The aims and objectives of the association were to obtain reasonable wages, hours of work and other conditions of employment; to promote a spirit of mutual respect and understanding between the association and employers; to aid domestic workers in investing their earnings; and to organize educational activities and professional trainings on skills, safety, and the labour law.

Padakerajaan telah membenaran pekerja migran untuk sektor pembinaan dan perladangan. Prinsip gaji sama untuk kerja sama equal pay for equal work jelas diiingkari.

This made it difficult to locate containers, lengthening the waiting time which saw the drivers’ trip drop to between one to two trips a day, said the source with 20 years experience as a forwarder. Newer Posts Older Posts Home.

Ceasefire brokered after three days Malaysiakini. The PKA and the Transport Ministry, washing their hands off the problem in the early stages of the strike by claiming it has no jurisdiction over the depots, said the source, had allowed the strike to persist for three days, creating a pileup of 16, to 20, containers.

According to a source privy to what had transpired at the meeting, a final solution was not worked out but Miti has given its assurance that it will hammer out a conclusion to the problem on condition that the strike is called off. The complainant indicates that following several widely reported cases of abuse of Indonesian domestic workers, it decided to organize domestic workers by registering an association of domestic workers under the Societies Act.