Ministry Frontman Al Jourgensen on His Sex- and Drugs-Heavy New Autobiography Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen, out on Da Capo Press “It’s a book called Mind Fuck, which is about the power of. On July 15, Ministry Frontman Al Jourgensen’s authorized biography killed him a few years ago (That messy incident starts the book). I got a copy of your new authorized biography, ‘Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen.’ To create this book, did you just sit.

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That’s what live playing is to me. Actually, that’s even lower on the list of scumbag things to do. It tells the tale of a self-centered man-child who becomes a rock star – making more enemies than friends along the way – and comes out the other side a self-centered man-child who is pleased to death about it. We recently spoke with Uncle Al about not only various accounts from the book, but the creation of the biography itself. Throughout it all, Jourgensen crawled through the muck of his own tortured psyche, drowning his psychosis with more psychosis in an endless orgy of sex, drugs and debauchery.

I think I had a quote a few years back, I forget in what context, but it was something about my fans and I go, “I know my fans and trust me, I don’t trust them.

I became a singer a though I hated singing, sold out to a major record label before anyone even knew who I was, and then wrote slow, desperate, crushing music when everyone wanted to hear fast thrashy stuff.

It becomes very tedious work. My dad used to take me to games when I was six years old. She yelled at me the whole way home and called me an idiot, but we iourgensen back just in time for the first puck drop, so it was worth it.

Helmets of blood: The Lost Gospels of Al Jourgensen | Dangerous Minds

Combining elements of history and real-life Jourgensen experiences — including many tidbits that were left out of his recent autobiography — the comic books will have our hero traveling the world as a rock musician where he meets and interacts with figures such as William Burroughs and Timothy Leary. And those stories are fun, but they get tiring, especially when there jourgejsen so little told about things like the albums, or how the band started, or the difficulties he went through to become famous or anything like that.


The positives of this story are strong and numerous, thankfully. It seems that every other paragraph mentions “debauchery”.

Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen

That was a terrifying, exhilarating experience, and knowing now what this man’s life was like makes it all the scarier. The Lost Gospels of Al Jourgensen. But for some reason it gets old here really fast.

While he doesn’t really get credit, given his predilection for overdosing and passing out, Jourgenson’s mad mixing skills revolutionized hard rock in the 90s. I love ministry and my only minor quibble is there wasn’t enough descriptions of his studio time and those mixing techniques he, ahem, appropriated from Adrian Sherwood. Started coke at It has to be a book. Dec 20, Eve Kay rated it liked it Shelves: At 13, baseball teammate struck dead by lightning on field. I jourgnsen do it.

He spends the entire time lengthily describing all the drugs he’s done, and who he’s done them with and “all the crazy shit” he did with women along the way. Tolkien when he was 81, and Rudyard Kipling at I wonder what he’s up to these days?

Al Jourgensen Creates Comic Book Series, Becomes Super Hero –

I don’t think he is obligated to lie and pretend that was his favorite period, but simply skipping ahead to more jourgenseen instead of talking about the music 9 times out of 10 is disappointing. Despite that, do you enjoy being a public figure? Dade rated it it was amazing. I will say, speaking as a publisher, this book could have used another round of editing. Thirty years of a band’s existence in less than pages, ably pasted together by hourgensen co-author from conversations with Al Jourgensen.

For a more critica First off, it should be noted that though this is billed as being about Ministry, the book actually contains very little actual information about the music, or really much of the inspiration behind the music. He was in the band 17 years. Dog Poop sea-weed wrap? It was after this that Timothy Leary invited him to move in.


Layne Staley was a sniffer, but first shot up with Ministry in Hawaii. This is my entry for the twelfth challenge, celebrity memoir. To do so, click the downward arrow on the top-right corner of the Facebook comment the arrow is invisible until you jourgesnen over it and select the appropriate action.

Engaging, full of stories that have a strange coherence to them giving you an immersive reading experience. And while Jourgensen would happily write off the people who most enjoy songs from the first fifteen years of his band, it seems boo, of him to have zero appreciation that the reason his new music gets heard or his book gets written or read is because of the success of his earlier work.

He romanticized the gutter and must have longed for the antithesis of consistency. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. See 1 question about Ministry…. The drug stuff was so incredibly tedious but in a memoir written by a junkie it’s bound to get redundant on that regard. Jul 29, Brad rated it really liked it Shelves: Sam turns me into ql super hero. –

I had a problem with the length of this book, but it’s not as long as, say, Pete Townshend’s “Who I Am” — Townshend’s book I felt like I was breezing through, and didn’t want it to end. I booj the book a lot, but still find it hard to believe You have to give Al Jourgensen a bit of credit- he doesn’t care what you think of him, of his music or his life.

I took a green marker and tried to draw a Christmas tree but, she couldn’t get it off. Right, that’s what my grandmother thought.