We know that communism is the right hypothesis. All those who abandon this hypothesis immediately resign themselves to the market economy. The Communist Hypothesis has ratings and 42 reviews. Jonfaith said: The communist hypothesis is that a different collective organization is practicab. ALAIN BADIOU’S RECENT BOOK () is titled with the phrase promoted by his and Slavoj Žižek’s work for the last few years, “the communist.

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The Communist Hypothesis by Alain Badiou | : Books

The Soviet Union and China were, and in China’s case still is, a totalitarian state. Again,we are struck by insuperable domination of Party-state model of organization and mainly a dim,on the on hand almost imperceptible alternatives of this model,and,on the other hand,these very attempts to give a practical body to these alternatives.

The capitalist world in which we operate tells us that capitalism is insurmountable, that to move beyond it is actually unthinkable. Reading this against Crowds and Party, Badiou’s arguments against “reformism” or even pa The history of 3 revolutions from the lens of Badiou.

This is not to say that the electoral-democratic system is repressive hypothhesis se ; rather, that the electoral process is incorporated into a state form, that of capitalo-parliamentarianism, appropriate for the maintenance of the established order, and consequently serves a conservative function. History shows this too. As to the book itself, Badiou is adamant that it is philosophy, not critical theory or political analysis, or indeed history.


Today, in the post-Soviet world, Badiou thinks that emancipation without state-ism, rebellion without a Party, is still the task that must be envisioned. The first is that of the setting in place of the communist hypothesis; the second, of preliminary attempts at its realization. But does a single world of human subjects exist? The example of correction always comes from abroad, from countries that have long overcome their moral crises.


The private appropriation of massive fortunes and their transmission by inheritance will disappear. The first is the fear felt by the privileged, alarmed that their position may be assailable.

The Communist Hypothesis by Alain Badiou

Communism failed and that is a given, but what is failure? Communism in theory is very different than how it has been practiced. The anonymous action of millions of militants, rebels, fighters, unrepresentable as such, is combined and counted as one in the simple, powerful symbol of the proper name. The communist hypothesis is that a different collective organization is practicable, one that will eliminate the inequality of wealth and even the division of labour.

There is much to disagree with here although this for me is at the level of detail and does not undermine the overall argument as both coherent and for most part correct. This text isn’t John Carpenter’s They Live, if I wear the shades, Mao doesn’t become decent, the denouncement remains baiou human and the idealism in the Cultural Revolution is negligible at best.

Badiou’s new “little red book” is very interesting and engaging. Anyone concerned with the future of the planet needs to reckon with the ideas outlined within this book.

It is also an optimistic book: Vale a pena ler.

Quite early in the reading process, I was reminded of Combined and Uneven Apocalypse which approaches similar topics in a different way. Also, the producers in these societies depend on the workers to make their products as well baxiou consume them.


This view of the Soviet Union means that Badiou was teh likely to select it as one of his cases to explore — and he doesn’t, focusing instead on the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in Chinathe events of May ’68 in France, and the Paris Commune of It does not symbolize the Real, the Idea itself.

Neither can be symbolized.

An event is always the opening of the infinite. That is where we reverse the dominant idea of the world united by objects and signs, to make a unity in terms of living, acting beings, here and now. I hold the Communist Cpmmunist in great regard as I think it unintentionally makes one of the best cases for capitalism I have ever read much, I’m sure to Karl’s chagrin. Be the first to ask a question about The Communist Hypothesis. For the world horizon of democracy is increasingly defined by war.

What is at stake in these circumstances is the eventual opening of a new sequence of the communist hypothesis. Yet it could hardly have been the bare fact of Nicolas Sarkozy as President that seemed to come as such a disorientating blow to the French left in the baviou of May hypotnesis On the Paris Commune: Inmilitary defeat once again served as the context for the disorientating reversal of the real content of state action: