3rd Year Seminar ReportOn ALCOHOL AS AN ALTERNATIVE FUEL IN I.C ENGINES Undertaken by: MITHUN SARKAR Roll No IC engines because of their high octane rating, burning velocities, and wider Appendix A. Both acts are mandating the procurement of alternative fuel vehicles. Alcohols have been used as a fuel. The first four aliphatic alcohols are of interest as fuels . into its main agenda. Alcohol fuels had become part of five main alternative fuels: Two of which were alcohols; methanol and ethanol.

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Ethanol is commonly made from biomass such as corn or sugarcane.


Of these methods, a third i.c.engones has emerged and has been adopted by the majority of modern ethanol plants. Modern automobile engines differ somewhat in how the ignition timing is controlled. High ethanol blends present a problem to achieve enough vapor pressure for the fuel to evaporate and spark the ignition during cold weather since ethanol tends to increase fuel enthalpy of vaporization [41].

This causes the maximum pressure to build up i.c.engine the piston because the cylinder volume is at its smallest. The maximum increases and decreases mentioned in the above results are over the entire speed range chosen.

Ethanol fuel

Ethanol fjel an excellent solvent and will certainly attack substances that are unaffected by gasoline. The poor auto-ignition capability of alcohols is responsible for severe knock due to rapid burning of vaporized alcohol [1,4] and combustion quenching caused by high latent heat of vaporization and subsequent charge cooling.


Archived from the original on 21 October aldohol Emissions from an engine using M10 fuel are about the same as those using gasoline. However, problems with cold start and WOT, which are open loop modes, could then be expected to occur if the fuel phase-separates.

Starch and cellulose molecules are strings of glucose molecules.

Gasoline has lots of impurities in it. The first production car running entirely on ethanol was the Fiatintroduced in alternatlve Brazil by Fiat.

The first four aliphatic alcohols methanolethanolpropanoland butanol are of interest as fuels because they can be synthesized chemically or biologically, and they have characteristics which allow them to be used in internal combustion engines. Wald 13 October Retrieved 30 April For instance, a separate survey reports that production of ethanol from sugarcane, which requires a tropical climate to grow productively, returns from 8 to 9 units of energy for each unit expended, as compared to corn, which only returns about 1.

Higher Chemistry Unit 2 a Fuels.

Carbon dioxidea greenhouse gasis emitted during fermentation and combustion. Archived from the original on 9 June Halide ions increase corrosion in two ways: Somewhat less water is tolerated at lower temperatures. The fuel cell generates electricity to supply power to the electric motor driving the wheels, through a battery that handles peak power demands and stores regenerated energy.

These vehicles have fuel sensors which will allow the user to mix ethanol blends and standard gasoline ass any mixture. Archived from the original on 27 October The heated fuel is next delivered to the converter where apcohol super-heated liquid alcohol is vaporized at reduced pressure.

This high miscibility with water means that ethanol cannot be efficiently shipped through modern pipelineslike liquid hydrocarbons, over long distances. Retrieved 14 January In addition, high quality alcohol should have a low concentration of contaminants and have a suitable corrosion inhibitor added.



A calculation should include:. Enzymes are used to convert starch into sugar. Fermentation takes place in an aqueous solution. Archived from the original PDF on 18 July The aluminum alkoxide does not make a tight oxide layer; water is essential to repair the holes in the oxide layer. The data of these tests which include performance and emission level levels are compared with pure gasoline M0 and pure methanol M The world’s top ethanol fuel producers in were the United States with The engine is naturally aspirated and water cooled.

So, a modern, EFI engine on an alternatve automobile that is designed to run on gasoline operates mostly in a closed loop mode of operation.

Extensive alcoohl and development is difficult to justify until the fuels are accepted as viable for large numbers of engines. By-products such as straw or aldohol chips can be converted to ethanol. The nozzle was positioned approximately 50 cm ahead of the inlet manifold.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This is very attractive for duel countries, because methanol can often be obtained from much cheaper source than diesel oil.