Editorial Reviews. Review. “Truth has officially ruined me for all other books! If youthought Truth: Book 2 of the Consequences Series – Kindle edition by Aleatha Romig. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Claire Nichols endured the consequences of Anthony Rawlings’ vendetta. When she first arrived at his home, her goal was survival. Through strength and. Truth (Consequences) *spoiler alert* While I don’t give anything away in this review, in terms of twists and reveals, I DO work through my.

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The Edge of Always. Claire is attracted to the alpha male, and Harry is not that. When her choices pushed Anthony’s relentless vendetta too far, Claire barely survived the consequences. A person who beats someone, particularly a woman, into a coma causing multiple injuries including an ABI, book character or not, does not deserve my trust…….

Behind His Eyes: Truth (Consequences, #) by Aleatha Romig

I don’t find the mystery part of this series that interesting and I surely don’t find the “romantic” part of it sane in any way, shape or form. Finished Consequences and Truth this weekend! She does not ask.

But what is going to kill me is that I am going to have to wait a year for the next book!! Ok, fine, a lot. I can’t wait to read the next book. He did what he did, and because of that, at times I found his personality change so drastic as to possibly be a bit too easy or convenient, story-wise. Mr Rawlings bewitched me with his charisma and all powerful being.

Behind His Eyes: Truth

What trugh he have done then? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. First, I truly believe Tony is a changed man. This series wasn’t just read. The twist, the turns, bloody hell.


But, it’s Tony and Claire that tugged at my heart and kept me on the edge of my seat for practically the entire book.

I still have a romih hate relationship with him, lets face it hes done some Horrible things…. Because it seems someone’s trutb is not over and they are now the main targets.

Begging her to accept him back and meaning it with the most sincere emotions. There are scenes that you appreciate getting a second look at. What I found with this book is that Aleatha has made you understand a bit more roimg Tony and everyone else in the other book, the connection he had with Claire alearha the struggles he has throughout the book amazing to read and you feel every emotion, every fear and every angst that he goes through, yes there are some of the old traits of Tony in this book but you also see him struggle with the way he used to be and the way he treated Claire.

Because she wants to to play ruin the family game at Samuel’s family tooooo!? When she first arrived to his home, her goal was survival. The intelligence of a few, perceives what has been carefully hidden. That is the beauty of this series.

Truth by Aleatha Romig : Scandalicious

This book has terrorized me. She also began her traditional publishing career with Thomas and Mercer. I LOVE dark reads…this was certainly one of the darkest and most twisted. And, oh, what a huge web of truth and lies have been woven. That isn’t to say that all of the books in this series aren’t wonderful — they are. What about the media scrutiny gold digger?

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No words could describe how much I loathed Anthony Rawlings in alfatha first book. April 16, at 5: I was stunned, I was speechless and by the end I was breathless. I am telling my head trutg so much, in a good way from this book. He forgot to read the fine print. Especially since there is a baby on the way. Maryse, that was a terrific review and mirrored my thoughts and impressions exactly.


Aleatha is spoiling us and will be giving us another POV if she hits likes in her Goodreads group discussion so please spread the word! Because the second time you make it, it is not a mistake, it is a choice.

Another thing that irritated me was Claire seemed to be the pied piper of men. I also loved the new Claire, the way she was around the old Tony and the new Tony was refreshing, it was also endearing. But he also struggled with whether he wanted her or not.

The side which receives light. But when he did he was atleast to me truly deeply sorry and felt emotionally responsible for what he did, Or not lol maybe its just me and I find exuses to believe everybody has a genuine heart. I think that alestha the turning point for him.

Could it be possible to hate and love someone too? She has decided to figuratively play game of chess with Tony. Tried to justify things. Aleatha Romig weaved an epic world of multi-layered characters in an intense unique story that captivated my imagination and my aleaha. It simply files things away. Really, really ready for book 3.