what new products might show up and so on. Check Awesome RC Videos at and stay updated! FPV Gear (3). I am Mansoor Ali, Ali Mansoor. I am a Professional Drone Pilot, Drone Flight Training and Drones Operation Training Specialist, RC Enthusiast, FPV Pilot. Developing opportunity for the FPV community. alishanmaooffline. 34 How to Setup Eachine E FPV VTOL Wing with FrSky Taranis X9D Radio.

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Hey mate, i hope you stick around and become a regular poster. And then when he finally gets around to shooting video with the camera it’s tiny alisahnmao the screen so you can’t get a sense of the actual quality and he’s shooting videos of himself and his family rather than something remotely useful to the hobby like aerial shots.

The time now is Other drones seen in this video Emax TinyHawk http: Order Mobula 7 Laishanmao http: You can tweak various camera options easily using the control pad to suit your flying environment. Submit a new text post.

Whats more, you can even join the bonfire parties by beautiful Li River Side at night. Just got a bit exited that someone tried to make a competitor to the Mobius.

I ordered one directly from Dimika a couple weeks ago, cheapest option with free shipping. I will update the price and ordering page for power combo on my site soon.

Alishanmao’s Highly Recommended Products added 2 new photos. Want to add to the discussion? Order Emax TinyHawk here http: Use of alishanao site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. It has Plug in type motors for easy maintenance.


Sections of this page. Alishanmao’s Highly Recommended Products December 24 at 2: Yeah man, congrats on akishanmao newborn. Watch and see how I killed my Happymodel Mobula 7. FrSky Taranis Q X7 http: Alishanmao’s Highly Recommended Products December 29 at 6: Drains power as thirsty camel.

Part 1 is just an unboxing and reading the specs list while making incredibly uninformed statements that rarely even apply to the products he’s “reviewing” and then he puts actual footage from the cameras in another video for more YouTube revenue, because fuck the audience right?

Alishanmao’s Highly Recommended Products December 21 at 9: Fpg you are interested in this Alizhanmao combo to convert your Gasoline Paramotor into Electric, contact me for details and ordering.

Videos will come soon to my Channel. Actual footage from a blackout minih quad.

Results 1 to 9 of 9. Hit this link now http: All times are GMT It is a 2S whoop that is definitely going to flv every puny 1S whoop behind with its powerful performance. Wish I had both cameras, so I could make the test myself. Weather gave me a window and I went straight for flight testing my homemade electric Paramotor with the new upgraded power combo. Great videos AliShanMao, sounds like your having fun.

Contribute We’re all here to discuss and share our hobby. The frame is made of Durable polypropylene plastic with propeller guards and its not easy to break upon crashes. Loving the new power combo.

The 3D models of alishanmao

Take off was sweet, unfortunately Mary took a snapshot instead of recording video but immediately fov was on to it. Once you fly Happymodel Mobula 7, you are surely going to be hooked.


You will barely hear me in the air if I am 50 meters above ground. Check the wiki Check the wiki or search the subreddit before asking a question. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

We found this sweet spot online and came to spend a night here. Mobula 7 has a powerful Punch, and it can reach to some crazy high speeds that you will feel like flying a full Size FPV Racing drone. Eachine 6 Way Battery Charger http: Take it from me, I have a 3 month old; it’s hard to get out in those first two months. Complete Videos here https: I’m fully aware that it’ll take forever to get here, but I’m in no hurry.

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I have a hard time seeing the Dimika taking a big marketshare, if they don’t let people tweak the camera. Both chargers have built in power supply and or you can use them with a bigger lipo battery up to 4S to charge FPV Whoop 1S or 2S batteries in the field. Specially if you crash them a bit farther from you, if they are stuck in thick shrub, on a tree, its difficult to find our drones.

Alishanmao’s Highly Recommended Products December 29 at 1: But native just cut in half vertically. Agree that it was a bad “review”. At least since the video quality is so similar. Watch Complete Video here https: