All Over But the Shoutin’ has ratings and reviews. Cheri said: Rick Bragg draws the poor rural Southern upbringing so truthfully from his o. A common condition of being poor white trash, explains New York Times correspondent Bragg on learning he won a Pulitzer Prize last year, is that you are . Read free book excerpt from All Over But The Shoutin’ by Rick Bragg, page 1 of 7 .

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Bbut that man was as dead as a man could be, and this was what remained, like when a snake sheds its skin and leaves a dry and brittle husk of itself hanging in the Johnson grass. But I fear I’ve been focused too heavily on the craft of memoir writing the last two years, because while reading I kept seeing so much more the author could have done with it. But no matter where his stories took him – to major c One of my favorite genres is the memoir and this one tops my list.

Browse all BookRags Study Guides. LitFlash The eBooks you want at ricl lowest prices. View all 13 comments. Rick Bragg simply tells the story of his life, tthe father, mother, and his brothers.

All Over but the Shoutin’ by Rick Bragg | : Books

Nothing seemed to change on her side, except the calendar. It just makes me angry.

Times and then as a foreign correspondent for the New York Times. The story is told with unflinching honesty. But the mother doesn’t come across as a saint. If I had a dog, it would starve.

Dec 18, Ange H rated it it was ok Shelves: I realized that there are a lot of times where he talks about her more like you would talk about your love for a really simple but loyal farm dog. I know I had a third brother, an infant who died because we were left alone and with no money for her to see a doctor, that he did not live long enough to have a name.


All Over But the Shoutin’

It is also about the author’s career as a journalist, and his lifestyle, and his personality. I am seldom at home.

There was a problem adding your email address. The fact of the matter is he got the Pulitzer Prize for telling good stories.

It was only for a few minutes, but time has a different meaning when half your ovre is submerged in black water aswarm with alligators, the same gators your hunting partners had been jabbing with cold steel most of the night.

The writing was good, honest, witty even, despite recounting some harsh realities. I can imagine him being a standup comedian talking about growing up poor in the South. He tue her and he does it gracefully and lovingly. InBragg took a job as a reporter for the Anniston Star, and from to he wrote for the Birmingham News.

Bragg’s mother’s side of the family. In short, it’s pretty hard not to admire this guy after reading this. I found myself wondering sometimes why so much of the book focused on btu reporting career. This section contains words approx. Bragg’s book is all that and then some–growing dhoutin poor in Alabama, small town with the those who have too much and those who have too little, and having to deal with it with the support of his mother.

They taught me, on a thousand front porch nights, as a million jugs passed from hand to hand, how to tell a story.

Bragg is a “good ole boy” whose narrative voice is as thick and Southern as sweet tea. View all 5 comments. His father was a serious drunk. Found on Scott Nordstrom’s bookshelf.

With an almost-aw shucks humility, he recounts his life from growing up dirt poor in Possum Trot JacksonvilleAlabama, raised along with two brothers by their mother who had to pick cotton in the nearby fields because the father abandoned the family Reporters live for war stories, except the ones who have been so genuinely frightened in so many terrible places that they do not need to scare themselves all over again with their own memories.

It made me cry just about every time I picked it up. His memoir is a model of humility combined with pride in one’s accomplishments. Of all the lessons my mother tried to teach me, the most important was that every life deserves a certain amount of dignity, no matter how poor or damaged the shell that carries it. It fills my soul. Sure, he saved his money and bought her a house.


Petersburg Times, first as a foreign correspondent, which took him to then war-torn Haiti and then as a national correspondent, which led him to cover the race riots in Miami. There is nothing wrong with ambition, I very much liked the beginning of this memoir, Bragg’s story of his impoverished childhood in Alabama. But I almost didn’t finish the first half of the book, which was written entirely in folksy dialect–as he later says, rustic witticisms.

I came home to find that I had been promoted to the national desk. On its darker side, it is all about revenge. AP awards and Pulitzer Prizes were one of his motivations, but the desire to “make his Mother proud” was primarily what drove him to excellence in his field.

At the end of the book Bragg doesn’t have a resolution to the grim reality of his childhood, but his memoir is a catharsis and a tribute to his mother’s redeeming love.

Bragg’s story or the way in which he so skillfully wrote it which really resonated with me; it was the way in which he seemed to be trying to make some sense of his life. Towards the middle though I grew impatient and somewhat irritated. Does this book change your view of the large segment of whites who live in rural poverty? March is for Memoir 75 78 Apr 29, Why is he so good at writing about violence and tragedy?

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