As one of the most unique and respected guitarists in the world, Allan Holdsworth has influenced countless others, including legendary artists. If you’re a wee bit confused, you’re in luck because Holdsworth explains it all in the video. In the process, he identifies 10 “really usable scales”. Well, Allan Holdsworth not only mastered horn-like phrasing and tone, but he managed to do it whether he used Gibsons, Fenders, Charvels.

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That’s basically how I think of scales.

REH Video (Instructional) – a Video release by ALLAN HOLDSWORTH artist / band

Whether it’s Charlie Christian drawing inspiration from tenor giant Lester Young, or John McLaughlin channeling the spirit of John Coltrane, guitarists of all stripes have been infatuated by the endlessly inventive improvisations and tonal complexity of modern saxophone masters. I’ve always wanted this sound—and I can hear it in my head, which is a good thing—where I’ve got all the sustain and beef one gets with a dirty sound, but without all the crud you have to deal with.

When a horn player or a violin player picks up their instrument, they automatically have sustain without having to plug into a fuzz box. I think that’s because I want to be influencedwhich is a whole lot different than trying to work out precisely what someone is doing. Do you hear solo lines in your head before you play them? This is all wrong.


By that time, most engineers had come around to recording a loud amplifier. WellAllan Holdsworth not only mastered horn-like phrasing and tone, but he managed to do holdswortn whether he used Gibsons, Fenders, Charvels, Steinbergers, tube amps, or solid-state amps. It’s really weird, man. But to compose, I have to sit down with a guitar and focus, and when things aren’t as I want them, it’s very easy to get scatterbrained and drift from one thing to another—which results in a cycle of non-productivity.

Are you getting more comfortable with your huge influence on modern guitar? I loved the Synthaxe because it was still a guitar, but it took me into a whole other world alan textures and sounds that I couldn’t do with a standard electric. You’re not a holdswprth fan of live records.

Allan Holdsworth – Guitar Instructional Video (1992)

So it’s best if I don’t think too much. You turn the amp down, and we turn it up in the aolan room. Is right now a better climate for your music than it was, say, in the s? Newer Post Older Post Home. Actually, I learned that really early on.

Publicado por Miguel Copon en 9: I can’t empty my head. It’s always the same thing. How much time do you spend with the instrument each day? It’s about the emotion, rather than what the piece actually is. I never sit with it for long periods of time unless I’m recording. Do you feel such a high level of self-criticism has helped you evolve your playing, or has it hampered you?


That would be a very nice legacy. When did you start getting closer? Have holdsworrh become more progressive since then? I throw them in a suitcase, and off I go. I don’t know what it’s like for everybody else.

In the process, he identifies 10 “really usable scales” that you can use for “most everything. As identifiable as Holdsworth’s reedy lead tone is, his expansive clean tone is just as much a signature.

Then, three hours later, I’ll pick it up again for another 20 minutes. What’s missing in your sound that you’re trying to hunt down? It’s very flattering, obviously. To get anywhere near that ideal with a plank of wood and six strings hldsworth a Herculean task, because guitarists don’t have the steady stream of wind that a horn player uses to nimbly deliver lines that dance across measures with an Astaire-like grace.


Is there anything you do before a imstructional to put yourself in the best headspace to improvise? Hopefully, I motivated some players enough for them to move the guitar forward and take it to yet another level. Beginning with his release, I.

It can keep you searching, but it can also be debilitating and depressing.