For the first time, the AMNOG seriously tackles the price monopoly of 1 January onwards for eligible new pharmaceuticals launched on. Since its introduction on January 1, , AMNOG has hampered the market access of some products in Germany such as Trajenta (anti-diabetic) and Retigabin. AMNOG is here to stay. However, all this changed at the beginning of AMNOG, meanwhile, sought to achieve a longer-term reduction of drug prices.

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Implementation of AMNOG: An industry perspective

How beneficial are drugs entering the market in Germany? This amount then applies to all persons with statutory insurance, as well as to those with private insurance.

Pharmaceutical Statistics 12— There needs to be an explanation of the roles of secondary endpoints in interpreting trial results. The upper limit of the CI for such an endpoint needs to be 0. Pharmaceutical Statistics 10— IQWiG has been dealing with this question since If there is no expedient comparative therapy with medicinal products, non-drug therapies can also be considered if they are eligible as benefits under statutory health insurance.

The Federal Joint Committee is the highest decision-making body of the joint self-government of physicians, dentists, psychotherapists, hospitals and health insurance funds in Germany. This downgrading was also due to additional information from the commenting procedures at the G-BAannog are routinely conducted after completion of the dossier assessments.

Please use the following address on the outside envelope: National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Please include the required documents on CD or DVD, along with a cover letter signed by an authorized person including authorization, if applicable and addressed to the Federal Joint Committee: This is however only possible at the earliest one year after publication of the resolution on the early additional benefit evaluation.

External experts It was already obvious in that not only were additional internal resources required to prepare AMNOG reports, but also external ones in the form of experts from all medical fields. Consultation fees in accordance with SGB V, section 35a back to top Questions and answers on the procedure Questions on the scope of application Questions on the special case of orphan drugs Questions on appropriate comparators Questions on compiling dossiers Questions on documents in module 5 of the dossier Questions on submitting dossiers Questions on hearing procedures Questions on the handling of confidential documents Questions on the revisability of G-BA decisions Questions on price negotiations with statutory health insurance providers back to top.


AMNOG – evaluation of new pharmaceutical

amnkg Certainty of conclusion on additional benefit The quality of the studies and data included in the Benefit Dossier needs to be described. If several alternatives for the expedient comparative therapy are identified, the refund rate may not lead to higher annual therapy costs than those of the most economical alternative.

The same subsection in ICH E9 also states that the primary endpoint should be specified in the protocol. These questions must be answered by the pharmaceutical company in the form of a dossier. For the evaluation of the additional benefit, the pharmaceutical companies must submit a dossier to the Federal Joint Committee at the time of the market launch of their medicinal product.

For this, the pharmaceutical company provides the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds with the individual prices of all medicinal product packages, not including value-added tax, which are received by the pharmaceutical company if the discounts which it voluntarily grants or which it has to grant are taken into account.

General Methods Version 4. New address from 1 January on: An example for this difference is the decisions about Crizotinib. After the resolution of the Federal Joint Committee, negotiations on 2011 refund rate for medicinal products with an additional benefit for patient care are taken up between the National Association of Amnkg Health Insurance Funds anog the pharmaceutical company negotiations in accordance with section b of Book Five of the German Social Code [SGB V].

National Health Service, England: It would be an exaggeration to portray this withdrawal of the pharmaceutical companies as a risk that Germany might no longer be supplied with modern medicinal products.

The annual treatment costs must not exceed those of the appropriate comparator. Stable contributions for the community of insured parties are a major asset.

Redefining a composite endpoint after the study was completed is problematic from a manufacturer’s perspective. Pharmaceutical companies will benefit from the new arrangements in the medium term.

Implementation of AMNOG: An industry perspective

Current Opinion in Oncology 20— Statistical Methods in Medical Research 17— The standard in an area of application does not necessarily have to be a medicinal product from the same class of active ingredients. We understand that the magnitude of an observed treatment effect is 201 important to regulators when judging whether an observed benefit is clinically meaningful or not.


Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety 21— When a new treatment is associated with more adverse reactions than the amnnog, the benefit category could be downgraded by 1 or 2 levels, based on the severity and seriousness of the adverse reactions.

Support Center Support Center.

The staff office is closed from 24 December to 1 January Patient representatives take part in the decisions in an advisory capacity. For one thing, if margins are to be used, they should be chosen to reflect the indications and the patient populations.

ICH E9 states that in most cases subgroup analyses are exploratory and should be clearly identified as such.

AMNOG – evaluation of new pharmaceutical – GKV-Spitzenverband

Please use two envelopes and note the following on the inside anog containing the cover letter and CD or DVD: Please send any general questions regarding benefit assessments to the following email address.

Added benefit on severe symptoms and quality of life is perceived to have less value compared to that of survival. However, other medicinal products of the same fixed-rate group are available in such a case for patient care at the fixed rate or lower. The dossier must prove 2011 additional benefit of the pharmaceutical over the appropriate comparator specified by the G-BA.

To accelerate the search for and selection of external experts, as early as January the Institute started to establish a database for experts. Further information about the benefit assessment: This takes the form of a rebate on the retail price originally set by the company. It determines, for instance, the expedient 201 therapy and, after a statement procedure, issues a resolution on the additional benefit of new medicinal products that is relevant to patients.

Therefore, reducing the number of events in the groups by removing a component from the composite endpoint leads to a larger variance for the log hazard ratio estimate amno a wider confidence interval for the log hazard ratio.

We have proposed some possible alternatives in Section 2. The actual comparative European prices and the annual therapy costs of comparable medicinal products are amnkg then used as further criteria.