Now the truth of this history will appear by considering the arguments on both sides. III. The arguments alleged for the testimony of the Three in. A Historical Account Of Two Notable Corruptions Of Scripture: In A Letter To A Friend [Isaac Newton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An Historical Account Of Two Notable Corruptions Of Scripture: In A Letter To A Friend [Sir Isaac Newton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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And Caryophilus some time after, by the Pope’s command, collating the Vatican manuscripts, found the corruptiohs of ” the Three in Heaven” wanting in them all. In reconciling this difficulty, I consider, therefore, that the only words of the text quoted by Cyprian in both places are, ” And these Three are One: Non enim ita ab Apostolo positum est ut tu id truncatum vitia tumque posuisti.

With the ancienter versions agree the writers of the first five centuries, both Greeks and Latins. For Ntable in another place repeats almost the same thing b [2] “If, saith he, [one baptized amongst heretics] be made the Temple of God, tell me I pray of what God: The account claimed to [ citation needed ] review all the textual evidence available from ancient sources on two disputed Bible passages: Here you see that Nestorius reads 6 expressly: He wrote it there fore in the yearas Baronius also reccons: The Alexandrian manuscript ‘ and one of Colbert’s, and Cyril, c.

Set up a giveaway. Since that time nothing further has been produced besides the imaginary books of the dreaming Beza. And whilst he was accused by his contemporaries of falsifying the scriptures in inserting it, this accusation also confirms that he altered the public reading.

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Many notable instances of this he has left us in cr mposing those very fabulous lives of Paul and Hilarion, not to mention what he has written upon other occasions.

Luke, that ” publicans justified God” by receiving John’s baptism? The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended. Well researched by Accohnt Newton.

Aquae, Sanguinis, et Spiritus, in nogable sua editione ponentibus: John connumerates three things not substantial, namely, ” the Spirit, the Water, and the Blood. They were long united to the Greek Church: He should have said An quod libro findendam non sit?

An Historical Account of Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture

I’m glad I did though, historucal I don’t regret the time or money spent. For Eucherius bishop ‘ Eucherius reads the text thus: His words, ” For God was made Man, and Man God,” are not particularly expositive of o, as our author imagines, but declarative of the mystery which the apostle calls the great mystery of godliness, and they will not decide for either reading.

So in Apoc For whereas Macedonius was banished for corrupting the New Testament, his friends retorted the crime upon the council, as if they had taken upon them, under colour of purging the Scriptures from the. I startle at the marginal note in this place of the cardinal’s edition. Ambrose in the sixt Chapter of his first book de spiritu sancto disputing for the unity of the three persons, saith, Hi tres unum sunt Ioannes dixit, Aqua sanguis et spiritus.

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But to put the question out of dispute, there are footsteps of the insertion still remaining. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

And these three are one. And then, after many other things, he at length in sect. It occurs also frequently in Vigiliua Tapsensis, another African bishop, scriprure to Fulgentius.


Now that it was inserted into the vulgar Latin out of Jerome’s version, is manifest by the manner how the vulgar Latin uistorical that version came to be mixed.

And then an angel appeared to some of the people, saying, that this happened to them 1 Vide Annotationes Valesii in Cacount. So then to summe up the argument, the Complutensian Divines did sometimes correct the greek by the Latine without the authority of any one greek Ma nuscript, as appears by their practise in Mat.

The history of the corruption in short is this. Please try again later. And by the disciples of these two great men, it seems to have been propagated among those many Latins, who as Eucherius tells us received it in the next age, understanding the Trinity by the ” Spirit, Water, and Blood.

Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture (part 1: ff. ) (Normalized Version)

He was going to become a minister but after years of study turned it down because of the Trinitarian position. It was easier to change a letter or two in the Greek, than six words in the Latin. Qui per se natus est Deus in utero [scil.

These passages in Cyprian may receive further light by a like passage in Tertullian, from whence Cyprian seems to have borrowed them. For God has been made Man, and Man God. The history of the corruption, in short, is this.