(including Telugu letters – Short e, Short o) – In the kRti ‘vara lIla gAna’ – rAga SankarAbharaNaM, SrI tyAgarAja . Sinless One (anagha) (tOshitAnagha)!. vara nArada nArAyaNa smaraNA-nandAnubhavamu gala. Anupallavi: A: O Sinless One (anagha) whose body (apaghana) (literally limbs) resembles (nibha) . Telugu Girl Names» Means» Parvati. Currently we have Girl Vara: Blessing; Goddess Parvati. Anagha: Sinless; Soft; Goddess Parvati /

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Mrittika Mother Earth; Goddess Earth. Vashnie A Beloved Blessing.

Pushpika Decorated with Flowers; Flower. Hearing the extollment of Pitras and Pitruganas would confer fulfillment of all wishes. Jyothika Light; Gives Brightness for Lives.

Driti Courage and Morale. Abja Born in Water. Dweepika Lamp of Land. Dattatreya takes many different forms to advance the His Tattvam.


Megavarnitha Sky Coloured Girl. Specifically, the Pitras viz. Apala Name of a Learned Woman of the Past. Prabhati Of the Morning.

Rithvika Priest; Rays; Beautiful; Moon. Maitry Friendship and Joy. Mahua An Intoxicating Flower. Teluug Lakshmi; Mother of the World. Jeevankala Art of Life.

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Daevani Wife of Lord Subramanya. Abdhija Born in Sea; Goddess Lakshmi. Meghana A Beautiful Cloud; Rain.

Tarulata Melted; A Creeper. Mithuna Star Name; Zodiac. What is controversial is not the Institution of marriage, but transgressing the limits of desire, decency and virtue. Bhupali A Raagini in Indian Music.

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Madhumati Full of Honey. Bhaumi Earth; Goddess Sita. Jagavi Born of the World.

Bipasha A River; Beas. Manaswini High Minded; Goddess Durga.

Telugu Girl Names » Means » Parvati

Useful Info e-Seva Portal Subscribe: Parimala Fragment; Beautiful Smell; Fragrance. Vamshadhara Name of a River. Askini Daughter of Prajapati Virat. To download as PDF Rating: Lasaya-Sri Smile with Power.

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Ruchira Beautiful; Like to All; Tasty. Mahaganga The Great Ganga.