The true rose of Jericho (Anastatica hierochuntica) is native to western Asia and is the only species of the genus Anastatica of the mustard family (Brassicaceae). : Real Judea desert Rose of Jericho, Mary’s Rose, Anastatica hierochuntica Resurrection plant from the holy land, spiritual souvenir, gift. (Small ). : Real Judea desert Rose of Jericho, Mary’s Rose, Anastatica hierochuntica Resurrection plant from the holy land, spiritual souvenir, gift. (Large ).

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Sign up to anastatcia newsletter Get the latest anastatcia news direct to your inbox. Comparative ionomics and metabolomics in extremophile and glycophytic Lotus species under salt stress challenge the metabolic pre-adaptation hypothesis.

In addition, the osmoprotectant proline Smirnoff and Cumbes, was higher in the extremophyte plants under control conditions while the osmoprotectants myo-inositol also a precursor of the osmoprotectant galactinol; Bohnert et al.

A—C Plants grown on soil were exposed to incremental increases of NaCl concentration, and were harvested 1 week after the final NaCl concentration was reached.

Identification of a new bp cis-acting element in the TsVP1 promoter involved in the salt stress response from Thellungiella halophila.

Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not hiegochuntica able to accommodate all contributions. Due to differing root growth rates, A.

Thellungiella generates new knowledge on essential and critical components of abiotic stress tolerance in plants. In recent years, a number of genomic resources have been generated for the Brassicaceae thereby providing an impressive platform for evolutionary and comparative biology studies.


Evidence for alternative electron sinks to photosynthetic carbon assimilation in the high mountain plant species Ranunculus glacialis. Thus, the Negev desert is a likely biogenetic treasure box of genes that are related to abiotic stress adaptations.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: The most commonly used common name in English may be rose of Jericho ; other common names include dinosaur plantJericho roseMary’s flowerMary’s handPalestinian tumbleweedresurrection plantSt.

Anastatica Anastatica hierochuntica Scientific classification Kingdom: Comparison of metabolites between ArabidopsisE. The sites of electron donation of photosystem I to methyl viologen.

Anastatica – Wikipedia

The small gray plant curls its branches and seedpods inward in the dry season, forming a ball that opens only when moistened. Retrieved from ” https: The levels of other carboxylic acids, such as ascorbate and dehydroascorbate, were constitutively higher in the extremophytes than in Arabidopsis.

Changes in the alternative electron sinks and antioxidant defence in chloroplasts of the extreme halophyte Eutrema parvulum Thellungiella parvula under salinity. However, this does not appear to be the case in E. Improving nitrogen use efficiency for cereal production.

Anastatica hierochuntica – Flora of Qatar

Malate metabolism by NADP-malic enzyme in plant defense. One of these is Anastatica hierochuntica True Rose of Jerichoa winter annual, Saharo-Arabian desert plant species first described by Linnaei that colonizes the uppermost, driest zones of wadies or runnels Friedman and Stein, ; Friedman et al.

Leaf area was calculated with ImageJ 1. Thank you for your feedback. By accumulating specific compounds, such as antioxidants, while moderately accumulating other solutes such as sugars and amino acids, A. Anastqtica stress, the field environment and stress combination. The use of metabolomics anasttaica dissect plant responses to abiotic stresses. The influence of ultraviolet-B radiation hiierochuntica growth, hydroxycinnamic acids and flavonoids of Deschampsia antarctica during springtime ozone depletion in Antarctica.


Taking salt tolerance as a case study, we show that A.

Comparative 2D-DIGE analysis of salinity responsive microsomal proteins from leaves of salt-sensitive Arabidopsis thaliana and salt-tolerant Thellungiella salsuginea. For both analyses, data are representative of similar results from two independent experiments.

Rose of Jericho

Nitrogen use efficiency NUE is another trait which has been the focus of much research and breeding efforts McAllister et al. Preparation of chromosomes from plant leaf meristems for karyotype analysis and in situ hybridization.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The constitutively higher levels of the antioxidant compounds ascorbate and dehydroascorbate in A. The effect of salt stress on growth parameters of A.

Anastatica hierochuntica

Data are expressed as a percentage of control 0 mM RGR on day 1 after transfer to salt stress. We have screened several of the 25 extremophyte Brassicaceae species that inhabit the Negev for tolerance to multiple abiotic stresses. The Revision, Vol.

The model plant, Arabidopsis thaliana has provided hierocjuntica of our understanding of the molecular responses of plants to stress. Inwardly curved branches with seeds of Virgin’s Hand plant Anastatica hierochuntica, local names kaf mariam, jefaiea taken from Trainah in southern Qatar, February 14, In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.