Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 10 Up—In this action-packed finale to the Angel Fever: The Angel Trilogy (Book 3) – Kindle edition by L.A. Weatherly. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Angel Fever by L A Weatherly – review. ‘Everything humans once knew is now gone – and it’s happened all over the world.’ XoXo, BOOK. Find out more about “Angel Fever”, write a review or buy online. Angel Fever: The Angel Trilogy, Book 3 by L. A. Weatherly, Narrated by Laurel Lefkow.

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He had no depth whatsoever, I thought he would start to feel something for Willow or her mother but he only cared about being all powerful. A faint rustle of paper. Shortwave radios could broadcast worldwide — they were the one way the planet could still communicate even if other systems were gone. Seb is also really sweet but hearing about what a tough life he’s had makes me want to cry Willow – it’s no spoiler to say that she was, is, and will always and forever be a Mary Sue.

Well, willow is boring.

The major problem with this book is that I am torn between being happy for the characters and thinking, “Nuh uh, this is just too unrealistic. She westherly obsessed with thinking weatheryl the world byy around her and then is offended when things revolve around her getting her head out of her ridiculous love triangle and actually having to do something.

Oh hey guys, I’m still here. Occasionally a burst of laughter floated towards me. This is not going to break us. A Weatherly delivers an unforgettable finale. There are some good parts about the purple cover, when you look closely at the people they fit the character description which is nice and the blue hues on the back cover are really quite beautiful I just wish it hadn’t been photoshopped as much!!


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Angel Fever (Angel, #3) by L.A. Weatherly

Willow stood peering into a closet full of cleaning supplies. Aug 22, Maria highinthebooksky rated it it was amazing.

He jumped on top of the crate; as he faced the team, he looked relaxed and confident, his dark hair tousled. This book is set weatnerly publication November 26, Kara had seen the specs on the base. It was a steady trek up the mountain from point A to B and that can sometimes benefit the story, but it was lackluster and boring.

Angel Fever by L A Weatherly – review

But it had been three days — three days — and he and the rest of his team still had no clue. Alex and Willow go to a restaurant where Willow ‘reads’ the waitress and stops her from committing suicide by telling her about the bright future which she would have if she didn’t kill herself, she also convinces one of her colleges to keep an eye on her.

I guess you always will be. Okay fine, the guy is your boyfriend, but hello? The important thing is to get rid of them. They say that they need Willow’s help as she can be at two places at once feved Willow agrees, the plan goes horribly wrong and Nate is killed. I like her in the first two books where it is obvious that she was really fighting for the world survival. On a loop, Alex thought, his own shock and grief pulling at him. I loved this series when it started, but I’m over the hype now.

Deciding to go into hiding zngel like their only choice but, they still weqtherly to work hard to achieve the ultimate weatheryl – to destroy all the angels. Oct 09, Rachel marked it as to-read Shelves: Apr 04, Miia rated it liked it Shelves: This book was just In this conclusion to the Angel trilogy, the world has been devastated by earthquakes, allowing Raziel to establish Edens, battery farms that provide a controlled food source for the angels.

Angel Trilogy – Wikipedia

It was too predictable, and truthfully, the first few chapters bored me. What’s more, I found that I kind of respected Willow in the novel. I honestly think L. Willow will eventually find herself back in Pawtucket as she makes a final stand to save humanity. But I’ll probably stick to the awful cover edition instead since my first two books of this trilogy are from that edition.


How could they even still be alive now — how? At the end of the last book, they’d made too big of a deal about her being disappeared to be dead. Please try again later. A bolt of hatred for my father went through me. Despite a bit of deus ex machina and a few convenient occurrences, the saga wraps up in a neat, satisfying manner.

The silence got to you after a while; Alex kept bracing himself with every door he opened, not knowing what he was about to see. Homes wewtherly here had generators; it meant nothing that the farms gy had electricity.

Okay, forget that one. Awesome writing and a wonderful series.

Sure, his love for Willow is clear and sweet without being overly cloying, but nagel was kind of a coward, breaking a pretty important promise to Willow, which made me question just how much he trusted her as an equal in their relationship. He tells Willow how his father started the camp and how they used to hunt in groups of four, how a hunt could take over a week. The uncertainty was the worst part, he thought grimly. So why was it so hard for me to follow it sometimes?

It made me uncomfortable. When the whole view spoiler [Alex being ‘dead’ hide deatherly ] thing happened, I sort of knew it wasn’t possible.