On Fridays at the Buddha Center in Second Life the sangha has been learning about and discussing aspects of the Angulimala Sutta. This talk arose from the. ANGULIMALA SUTTA. uyyojanna. parittam yam bhanantassa,. nisinnatthanadhovanam;. udakampi vinaseti,. sabbameva parissayam. At that time in King Pasenadi’s kingdom of Kosala there was a robber named Angulimala. He was fierce, with bloody hands, engaged in killing living beings.

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Some will be easy to make, others will be complicated taking much thought and debate. Do nagulimala be yoked to negligence, and sensual pleasures, concentrate diligently to attain pleasantness.

One day Arahanta Angulimala saw a pregnant woman in difficult labour of child birth and reported the condition to the Buddha.

The Angulimala Sutta

Now the most Compassionate Buddha saved the life of the helpless mother by standing between the runner and the chaser at the risk of His life. Intro Movie Buddha Center. Lord he should be punished.

Then venerable Angulimala putting on robes in the morning and taking bowl and robes went the alms round in Savatthi. Then the Blssed One knowing that king Pasenadi of Kosala was shivering with fear and that his hairs were standing on end, said thus: Then the robber Angulimala took out his sword and armor and fixed his qngulimala and arrow and followed close behind Blessed One.

Even the water that rinsed the seat of the Elder who recited this discourse of protection did eradicate all the dangerous difficulties. Please Donate Your generous donations will help us to continue our work. Choices interdependent on culture, context and dispositions; choices whose determination have a firm foundation in nagulimala acceptance and situationally ethical actions.


He stopped and called to the Blessed One. Then venerable Angulimala agreed went to Savatthi approached that woman and told her. For the second time they said it and the Blessed One went on, silently and for the third time they said it and the Blessed One went on, silently. He kills humans to wear a garland of fingers. Morally, as Buddhists, we realize that compassion is non-negotiable, that everyone deserves compassion. Eventually the teacher believes the delusions and lies and to rid himself of the perceived danger of Ahimsaka the teacher demands that his student honor him by collecting the little fingers some translations say it was thumbs of people.

Buddhist Sutra – Angulimala Sutta

He no longer suffers under the dispositions of anger, hatred, violence and fear; and so, is not a danger to the community at large. Brahmin, bear the results of your actions here and now.

Then Angulimala withdrawn from the crowd, secluded and diligent for dispelling abode and before long for whatever reason sons of clansmen rightfully leave the household and become homeless, that noble end of the holy life he here and now knowing realized and abode.

Do not hurt me or anybody else for any reason, attain to the highest appeasement and protect the firm and the infirm. He was educated at the Taxila university and the Rector asked him to collect one thousand fingers as a gratifying test.

The Angulimala Sutta ยป The Buddha Center

What if I ask about it from the recluse? This is the moral foundation that arises from the Three Pure Precepts, the intent to act with loving-kindness no matter the circumstances. That very paritta discourse has the power to accomplish the labour of child-birth healthily. If a stone was thrown, it hit venerable Angulimala.


At the time he leaves for the university at Taxila he is that laudable person. How you tame those that could not be tamed with stick or weapon, without stick or weapon. What if I kill this recluse? O recluse, even a band of ten, twenty, thirty forty, or even fifty people going along this path were killed by this robber Angulimala.

Yet while walking why did he say, I have stopped and Angulimala you too stop! What about compassion for King Pasenadi whose people expected Angulimala to be brought to justice?

Earlier when I was a hurter, my name was non-hurter, now am true to my name I do not hurt anyone. Venerable Angulimala would come to the Blessed One with a split head and blood dripping, with the bowl broken and with robes torn. Powered by WordPress and the Graphene Theme.

Ahimsaka performs exceptionally as a student, becomes a favorite of his sutts which causes the arising of fear, anger and hatred in his fellow students. The young Bhikkhu yoked to the Dispensation of the Blessed One illuminates the world-like the moon freed from clouds.

But the Buddha performed a miracle so that the chasing robber could not catch up with the slowly walking Buddha.