Animorphs has 21 ratings and 0 reviews. Cassie had it. After the last last mission, she realizes she’s getting tired of missions. Tired of battles. Tired. Something is very wrong with Ax. He’s sick, and the Animorphs don’t know what to do about it. They can’t take him to the hospital. They don’t know how to. The Sickness (Animorphs) [Katherine Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When the Animorphs’ alien friend Ax comes down with.

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Cassie leaves the girl, dives back into the pool, morphs her osprey, and carries Aftran away, pursued by Visser Three, who has morphed a creature resembling an eyeball with tentacles.

The Conspiracy (novel) – Wikipedia

And Rachel does it here, and will do it later. This book takes that and propels it to a whole other level. How do the Yeerks get away with taking it from the grid? Tidwell grabbed a dishtowel from the table and scrubbed at his ear.

The Sickness by K. A. Applegate | Scholastic

XD In this book all the animorphs got sick! Toby rated it really liked it Aug 31, He seems like a robot ev This one hovers around somewhere, but it was a solid story, so I’m giving it a full 5 stars for what it is. I sincerely hope it was just Illim, because any more than 1 Yeerk knowing about them, is one too many chances for discovery.


On the way home, Marco, too, gets sick. Aug 29, Swankivy rated it it was amazing. Tidwell, come around the corner. A slight power struggle ensues between Jake and Marco who insists that Jake isn’t thinking clearly on this matter.

I thought the Howler book was fairly depressing when I first read it considering they were practically unbeatablebut this book definitely didn’t excite me this time around. In short, the yeerks are going against the other yeerks.

Animorphs: The Sickness, The Departure, The Conspiracy, Alternamorphs The First Journey

The world is widening a bit as each side becomes more variable, which is a neat thing to watch. Aftran had sacrificed so much.

She is afraid of making the wrong decision, and having someone get hurt or die because of her decision. Kangen banget sama Jake dkk.

There should be a picture of that scene in the dictionary — under beauty.

I missed them so much. I’ll admit it – I didn’t read all of the Animorphs books as a kid. I thought they might have mentioned it, but it’s a Cassie book, which I only paid minimal attention to when I read the series, so it might have just been my impression.

Tidwell takes one look at Ax and quickly tells Chapman that Ax must have been drinking, and crab-walks Ax back towards the group. I thought for a minute I saw a flying pig. Cassie makes her incision and cuts the gland out, saving Ax’s life. Retrieved from ” https: May 12, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Animorphd can’t recall, but does V3 use the same pool that all the other Yeerks use, or does he have some sort of VIP pool? I also really liked that Erek is becoming a bit of a series regular and that more Controllers of very different stripes are introduced.


I always thought that was silly. This page was last edited on 31 Marchat To ask other readers questions about Animorphsplease sign up. I am obviously super-sentimental, but this book always made me squee a little because it showed how much they’d all come to love Ax.

BTW your illustration of Surgeon! Certainly not animorphss I would consider.

Sympathy for the devil. Sharp teeth bit into my midsection.

Elle April 15, at 6: It was pretty cool driving by myself. They gave her the power to morph. For the most part I did enjoy this book.

While Animorphs books thf often be rather dark and depressing, this got flipped around quite nicely this time with the Animorphs finding the perfect solution to a seemingly hopeless situation.

Preview — Animorphs by K.