His most important work is the “Corónica moralizada de la orden de N.S.P.S. Agustín en el Peru “, the first volume of which appeared in and the second in. Antonio de la Calancha (–) was a pioneering anthropologist studying the South American natives and a senior Augustinian monk. Bolivia y Perú; nuevas notas históricas y bibliográficas by Gabriel René Moreno( Book); Mariano Alejo Alvarez y el silogismo altoperuano de Fray Antonio.

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Fervent following, followed the gongorina current. Cronica moralizada by Antonio de la Calancha Book 1 edition published in in Undetermined and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Guaman Poma wrote about Andean history back to the era predating the Inca. Antonio de Herrera y Tordesillas. Michael Luke marie St. Nor is it a history whose underlying objective was to understand and evaluate events, rather it is fundamentally descriptive, leaving personal judgments to the side, retelling the events in which the Castilians were the main actors.

Retrieved from ” https: Chuquisaca now SucreBolivia, ; d. Antonio de la Calancha. Garcilaso wrote accounts of Inca life, history, and the conquest by the Spanish. Reading 1, First John 2: His official duties obliged him to investigate personally a very extensive range of territory so that he acquired a practical knowledge of the vast province and of its aboriginal inhabitants.

Fray Antonio de la Calancha – Encyclopedia Volume – Catholic Encyclopedia – Catholic Online

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Separately paginated and signed. Vanderbilt University Press, He revealed a strong polemical and satirical bent that he directed against colonial abuses. Far from settling anything, the documents created an international sensation among scholars and led to bitter disputes over how they should be assessed. Subsequently, Calancha influenced Bartolome Arzans Orzua and sailingchronicler par excellence of the city. So, let’s find out about Padre Valera who, years after his death, is creating quite the firestorm in archaeological circles.


Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia.

Calancha continued gathering data with a view to write another volume, but his work was left unfinished. As punishment for his beliefs he was imprisoned, beaten, and, finally, exiled to Spain, where he [supposedly] died at the hands of English pirates in On his arrival at Lima, he was ordered to cross the Andes, apparently to join the Viceroy in the interior. All text and graphics are from Wikipedia unless otherwise indicated.

We ask you, humbly, to help. In Cusco, Blas and other Jesuits formed the Brotherhood of the Name of Jesuswhose activities were uncomfortable for the colonial government.

It is taken from a computer translation of the article from Spanish into English. If a chronicler’s link in the index below is dead, then I have not yet entered that information. The truth is that Garcilaso himself cites Blas Valera several times in his work, but the Jesuit chachapoyano [Valera was from Chachapoyas] reveals that not only had Garcilaso misquoted and distorted all information related to the quipu as literature by minimizing the quipu to a simple accounting function. The information is unsystematic and often intertwined with Catholic religious teachings.

Garcilaso de la Vega.

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Then, the Virgin accompanies the stories of the virtuous lives of the members of the Augustinian order that, in turn, endow hagiographic components with the chronicle. Vision and Lz in Early Colonial Peru.

At the session of the Third Council of Lima, Father Acosta played a very important part and was its historian. The first volume was published in Barcelona inand would later be published in Latin in Those who observed and fe the people of the Tawantinsuyu did us, modern students of this marvellous shamanic cosmovision, a great service because they were excellent record-keepers and wrote everything down.

All this is very interesting, but all the information scattered in disarray and are often intertwined with religious teachings and retreats to the author.


Your tour through Peruvian land led him also to Cuzco – where occupied Chair in the convent local, Arequipa, Mizque and Trujillo, a city in which, inwhen serving as prior, a strong earthquake that destroyed the city took place.

Cronica moralizada by Antonio de la Calancha Book 1 edition published in in Undetermined and held by 4 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Friar Antonio de la Calancha — was born in Charcas now the city of Sucre in present day Bolivia to Spanish parents, making him part of the growing Creole population of the Spanish colonies.