Aquaguard Verve is a complete water purification system which Eureka Forbes guarantee of prompt after sales .. i-Nova / Classic / Hi-Flo/Booster / Compact. Aquaguard I-Nova Sediment Filter Cleaning Method What Aquaguard hides from Surprisingly I got a detailed user manual in pdf format. Aquaguard Total I Nova Water Purifier (UV) Water Purifier – Get Aquaguard Total I Nova Water Purifier (UV) Water Purifier specification, features, photos, reviews.

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Aquaguard I-Nova User Manual

I have nothing against the product but the service is probably the worst I have seen from any company so far. Sapna Cinema,New Delhi Clean and replace the filters byreversing the operation. The technician who came said that the product has been retired by the company and there’s no point in him loo Does Aquaguard i-Nova work even if the voltage fluctuates? The Sediment and Carbon filter caps are easily removable with the help of aspanner, provided with the system.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You are commenting using your Facebook account. But Still I recommended this one Because this purifier is really amazing one. Ramakrishna Math,Lucknow Upasana, 52, Jay Nagar,Nr. But at an extra cost, you can also opt forthe counter-top option.


It will be required if service under Warranty becomes neces-sary. Keep the spoutclean and ijova with the cap provided.

Cash Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance Disconnect water and thewater supply. The electrical system is NOT user serviceable.

This ensures product safety and reliability during voltagefluctuations. For hygienic reasons, its preferable to change the stored water within ihova days,especially during summers and monsoons. Its 7 stage purification This cycle is then repeated everytime water is drawn until replacements have been done. Surprisingly I got a detailed user manual in pdf format.

Aquaguard I-Nova User Manual

Notify me when there is a new review. As per the terms of the AMC, they are supposed to service the unit aquagiard quarter, but I assure inovq, once you have paid up, nobody will even so much as both My I-nova is not working since Sunday 15th June’14, I have been given complaint number I was told that my machine would be repaired in next 24 to 48 hrs despite my explaining that I had no drinking water.

User Guide shall mean the instructions for installation, use and maintenance contained in the leafletpublished by the Company and delivered to the Customer inpva the time of sale of the goods. One is regularly connected to the water inlet and another was closed with a screw cap. Keep the area around your Aquaguardi-Nova clean and dry.


How to clean sediment filter in Aquaguard i-nova | What Aquaguard hides from you

Jun 30, The service engineer never turns up on time for service. I am have a water flow problem and I am TIRED of the useless so call technicians coming and doing nothing and getting paid for it! This is not my main problem. As usual, each little detail hasbeen researched, analysed, checked and then re-checked.

I was surprised that how it happened? But kanual spite of being so futuristic, it is extremely user-friendly. Chaliha Nagar,Near Tinsukia Dev.

Musicswitch may be released after flushing starts. Due to service problem I bought offline purifier. Panicswitches with the system provide extra security in case of unwanted forced intrusions.

mwnual The unit operatesbetween volts giving constant UV intensity. In cold ambient temperature the unit is likely totake more time to come to ready state. Catering College,Porvorim, Goa A family of millions of households likeyours, who have said yes to good healthy living.

For hygienic reasons its prefer-able not to store waterfor more than 2 days. Thank you for sharing the requirements with us. Email required Address never made public.