Jan 7, To obtain the NPAG book, by download or CD-ROM, please use the contact form Jan 7, In order to provide the modern practicing substation engineer with reference material, AREVA’s Network Protection & Automation Guide. Alstom NPAG Network Protection & Automation Guide – New still sealed. EUR ; + EUR postage. MITZ N MITZ01L1AAB ALSTOM.

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HV overhead lines in forest areas are prone to this type of fault. The cause of the fault would not be removed by the immediate tripping of the circuit, but could be burnt away during a time-delayed trip. The accurate measurement of the voltage, current or other parameter of a power system is a prerequisite to any form of control, ranging from automatic closed-loop control to the recording of data for statistical purposes.

You must contact your local Schneider Electric rep office. Edvard Jan 30, This course, by the ingenuity and dedication of the trainers, is vibrant and evolving. Premium Membership Premium membership gives you an access to specialized technical articles and extra premium content electrical guides and software.

The topic has become known by the title of Power Quality. Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply.

Areva Npag Index – [PDF Document]

Finally, new chapters covering the fields of power system measurements, power quality, and substation and distribution automation are found, to reflect the importance of these fields for the modern power system npzg.

Protection against excess current was naturally the earliest protection system to evolve.

The first part of the book deals with the fundamentals, basic technology, fault calculations and the models of power system plant, including the xreva response and saturation problems that affect instrument transformers. Permanent faults, such as broken conductors, and faults on underground cable sections, must be located and repaired before the supply can be restored.

To reduce the effects of thermal stress and electrodynamic forces, it is advisable to ensure that the protection package used minimises the time for disconnection in the event of a fault occurring within the transformer.

Shoukat Ali Jun 10, Chapter 17 Generator and Generator-Transformer Protection The core of an electric power system is the generation.


This results in time-delayed protection due to downstream co-ordination requirements. Such ‘measuring’ transformers are required to produce a scaled down replica of the input quantity to nppag accuracy expected for the particular measurement; this is made possible by the high efficiency of the transformer.

Chapter 03 Fundamental Theory In order to apply protection relays, it is usually necessary to know the limiting values of current and voltage, and their relative phase displacement at the relay location, for various types of short circuit and their position in the system.

The protection scheme for a power system should cover the whole system against all probable types of fault.

Network Protection And Arevx Guide. Premium Membership Get access to premium electrical guides, technical articles and much more! The amount of protection applied will be governed by economic considerations, taking into account the value of the machine, and the value of its output to the plant owner. This form of communications is known as intertripping.

eBook NPAG 2012 – Windows Application – Network Protection & Automation Guide

Motor characteristics must be carefully considered when applying protection; while this may be regarded as stating the obvious, it is emphasised because it applies more to motors than to other items of power system plant. A disturbance that affects a process control computer in a large industrial complex could easily result in shutdown of the process. Interruptions in supply began to be reflected in cost penalties directly or indirectly to the Utility, thus providing a financial incentive to improve matters.

At the other end of the scale, a domestic user of a PC has to re-boot the PC due to a transient voltage dip, causing annoyance to that and arvea similarly affected users. The extent to which automation has been applied has been determined by a combination of technology and cost.

These problems led to the concept of ‘Unit Protection’, whereby sections of the power system are protected individually as a complete unit without reference to other sections. Unlike phase and neutral overcurrent protection, raeva key advantage of distance protection is that its fault coverage of the protected circuit is virtually independent of source impedance variations. Even if distance protection is applied to all feeders, the busbar will lie in the second zone of all the distance protections, so a bus fault will be cleared relatively slowly, and the resultant duration of the voltage dip imposed on the rest of the system may not be tolerable.


The large capital investment in such systems and the consequences of major system disruption made the cost of such schemes justifiable.

Finally, new chapters covering the fields of power system measurements, power quality, and substation and distribution automation are found, to reflect the importance of these fields for the modern power system engineer.

The typical data provided on power system plant has been updated and significantly expanded following research that showed its popularity. At the same time, reliability levels have been maintained or even improved and availability significantly increased due to techniques not available with older relay types. The considerations for a transformer protection package vary with the application and importance of the transformer.

The chapter on relay testing and commissioning has been completely updated to reflect modern techniques. Facebook Linkedin Google Plus Twitter. This includes a new chapter on the protection of a. Chapter 13 Protection of Complex Transmission Circuits For economic reasons, npxg and distribution lines can be much more complicated, maybe having three or more terminals multi-ended feederor with more than one circuit carried on a common structure parallel feeders.

The book then provides detailed analysis on the application of protection systems. When a fault occurs, the symmetry is normally upset, resulting in unbalanced currents and voltages appearing in the network. The change in protection technology, together with significant changes in Utility, Industrial and Commercial organizations, has resulted in new emphasis on Secondary Systems Engineering.

Areva Npag Index

Knowledge of the behaviour of the principal electrical system plant items under normal and fault conditions is a prerequisite for the proper application of protection. Is aerva over current relay 3phase without instantaneous function? Thank you for posting this tutorial! This form of communication is known as protection signalling.

Advancements in protection and control application engineering have assisted the authors in exploring and integrating the new techniques npah philosophies in this edition, whilst retaining vendor- independence — as we continue to deliver the genuine, impartial, reference textbook.