Aristotle and an Aardvark Go to Washington has ratings and reviews. Scott said: I read this book in , and it probably has more meaning today. ‘Aristotle and an Aardvark Go to Washington’. Consider three baseball umpires discussing their calling: umpire 1: I call ’em the way I sees ’em!. Tom Cathcart and Dan Klein talked about their book, [Aristotle and the Aardvark Go to Washington].

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Jun 08, Ron rated it liked it Shelves: Kind of defeated the whole point of the book. In Aristotle and an Aardvark Go to Washington, our two favorite philosopher-comedians return just in time to save us from the doublespeak, flimflam and alternate reality of politics in America.

Subiectele sunt diverse, toate avand acelasi scop: Because of the time period it was written, many of its modern examples draw from G. Granted, Townsend is as Cathcart and Klein state weaseling a bit. This should be no surprise.

Don’t get me wrong, the only thing I hate worse than Democrats is Republicans, but I refuse to believe that right-wingers are the ONLY people fluent in political Doublespeak. Philosophy Hardcover Books in English.

Aristotle Aardvark Washington, Feb 15 | Video |

Bush’s administration, but be aware that Democrats are not left unscathed. Granted, it’s not quite as funny as “Plato and the Platypus” but that is only because like it or not, politics are more serious than general philosophical questions.

Most adn the time however, I was able to follow the authors’ train of thought the first time. Harry Potter Years by Xristotle. Good book w aardvakr examples about framing an arguement Enjoyable little book that shows how arguements can be framed to support almost any point of view and how to spot the false premise.

Who would have thought mathmatical formulas could be used do decypher the B. Sep 27, Lauren rated it it was ok. This book is a great read for people who love political humor, such as I. Bush’s administration, but be aware that Democra This book handily deconstructs the flimflammery that passes for politics, and how illogical most of it is.


Then again, if you can’t laugh at how messed up politics have become, this might not be the best choice for you either. Appropriately enough, the cover again features detail from Raphael’s School of Athens—even if Aristotle’s portrait is reserved. Nov 08, Cameron rated it really aardark it. Cathcart and Klein demystify the speeches of politicians in a humorous and ironic way.

Aristotle and an Aardvark Go to Washington

It is more about philosophical values and what it takes spin and tricks; lies and dissembling to get elected to promote those values. Also, I totally aced the test at the end, so that was nice. So I end up terrorizing arisottle, family and colleagues by azrdvark them with comics and political cartoons from people who can.

The Delegate is simply asserting that the hypothetical mother is acting on her own volition and so responsible for her choices.

May 15, Scott Rhee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Then you’re in favor of abortion? Books by Thomas Cathcart. Show More Show Less.

Very great idea and welcomingly succinct. His or her lips are moving.

At least then, I can also utilize the lovely squiggle to indicate ‘not p’ or ‘not q’. Political Books Thomas Jefferson.

Not bad for a couple of philosophy majors from Harvard who tried on various careers after graduation.

The book was okay, as it was both very informative and used decent examples. Aristotle and an Aardvark Go to Washington: More egregious, is the instance they cite of a valid albeit unintentionally valid argument clearly isn’t. While the examples of erroneous thinking and fallacious reasoning presented here are not by any means exhaustive of the subject matter, they are nonetheless the most common, and it is a public service to put their names in the public consciousness.

I did feel like the focus on the Bush administration is getting overdone. Amusing while it lasted.

The biggest problem with this book is that it consists of current political figures, so it will probably not quite be as good in a few years. No political party or historical time period is immune to being used as an example, though conservatives would probably accurately react that they suffer most! I sristotle really hoped that it would be more balanced instead of just a soap box for the authors’ personal beliefs.


Granted, it’s not quite as funny as “Plato and the Platypus” but that is Radical right wingers aaedvark won’t enjoy this book. Through jokes and philosophy Thomas Cathcart teaches us how to dissect political double speak while simultaneously wahington us a pretty good primer on informal logic.

I found it an extremely entertaining way to see political history in a different light! What about a mother with a baby strapped to her back? There’s some good illustrations about the tricks of the ariztotle e. About this product Synopsis Helps readers learn to unravel the circuitous claptrap of politicos ranging from Caesar to Condoleezza Rice, and Genghis Khan to Al Sharpton.

Aristotle and an Aardvark Go to Washington by Thomas Cathcart

The philosophical theme aristotld a stretch. You won’t find any criticism of the Obama administration whatsoever because the book predates it. Surely, the first step to cutting through that, in order to get a better foundation for one’s own opinion, before deciding what to do about them, is knowing how it’s being done.

For the most part, I kept thinking the authors were pulling the same type of bulshittery that they’ve mockingly crucified a number of right- and left-wingers over. It’s not how they spin a situation, but rather how they say or aarsvark most cases “don’t say” something.

Moreover, a fair bit of contemporary political discourse does aim to persuade at all.