Book Name: Aroj Ali Matubbar Rachanasamagra Book Writer: Aroj Ali Matubbar Book Language: Bengali Book Format: Portable Document File (pdf). Aroj Ali Matubbar: Rationalist Philosopher of Rural Bangladesh .. But the courageous folk writers did translate the works of Islamic theological books in Bangla. [1] His original name was Aroj Ali, and he only acquired the name ‘Matubbar’ ( meaning ‘local landlord’) later. He was born to a poor farming family. He studied for.

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Smaranika MemoirsTime of writing: Many people visit to see the beauty of that night from different parts of Barisal, sandhani Medicine Club Red Crescent Youth List of medical colleges in Bookd Official website.

For example, he questioned Islamic law of inheritance, as he failed to reconcile the suggested mode of sharing of inherited property.

Aroj Ali Matubbar Rachanasamagra – Bangla Books All

RationalismPhilosophy essays. In philosophy, the theory that the reason or intellect, is the true source of knowledge, rather than senses. Especially, He makes the impossible possible at the request of the loyal maatubbar. Those questions were drifting my mind to an endless ocean and I was gradually drifting away from the fold of religion.

There are many subjects in the world about which philosophy, science, and religion do not tell us the same thing. His work led to the discovery of some fundamental process in radiation chemistry of aliphatic and amino acids and their salts.

Aroj Ali Matubbar: Rationalist Philosopher of Rural Bangladesh By Ajoy Roy

Arrogance, Pride, Anger, untruth, lack of knowledge etc. Almost a half-century later, after Emperor Aurengzeb forced the Company out of Hooghly, by the midth century the three principal trading settlements, now called the Madras Presidency, the Bombay Presidency, and the Bengal Presidency were each administered by a Governor. In the present day world of science we cannot rather must not follow the old school as shown by our traditional folk philosopher.

Rationalistself-taught philosopher and apostateand writer. From the time immemorial our folk thinkers had to fight these conservative elements; even to day we the secularist, humanists and rationalist are fighting against these evil forces bearing the torch of their light. He formulated the theory of relativity in based on two fundamental assumptions: Even Islam in Bengal has its own characteristic- it is quite different from the fundamentalistic Islam. Dictionaries exportcreated on PHP.


He has been invited twice by the Nobel committee to nominate candidates for Nobel prize in and in If any punishment was to be offered it must be on him, the real offender, and young Aroj pleaded to the Mullahs.

Theologically speaking, it is a doctrine that God is unknown and unknowable. The Bengal Sultanate and Mughal Bengal transformed the region into a cosmopolitan Islamic imperial power between the 14th and 18th centuries, the region was home to many principalities which had inland naval prowess. This was the style of Galileo avoiding direct confrontation with the church. Each cult in its own way tried to cultivate free and liberal thought. Several of his unpublished manuscripts were later published posthumously under the title of Aroj Ali Matubbar Rachanabali.

But the village religious and social leaders objected taking snap of a deceased person more so of a woman.

So whether the rulers of the state were Hindus, Muslims or Buddhists those rulers could not influence the religions of the people.

After the partition of India and Pakistan inthe college lacked teachers, as a consequence, Honors courses except Mathematics were abolished in The region witnessed arij Bengali Language Movement in and the Bangladesh Liberation War inafter independence, a parliamentary republic was established.

After this narration Matubbar proceeded to present up to date facts of science regarding sun.

For this matubhar, Aroj Ali Matubbar began his fight against orthodoxy, obstructionism and religious narrowness with weapons of scientific rationalism drawing his inspiration from our folk atoj.

During —, the East India Company set up factories in several locations, mostly in coastal India and its rivals were the merchant trading companies of Holland and France. It is generally believed that concepts of those doctrines such as atheism, agnosticism and rationalism are originated in European thought. The literacy rate among the matubbra of Barisal is He made six propositions in this book, which reflected the nature of his philosophical questions.

He gathered most of his knowledge on varied subjects, including science and philosophy, through his own efforts. It is located in the city of Barisal in south-western Bangladesh and it is expected that Brojomohun College will be upgraded to a full-fledge public university soon and will be named Brojomohun University. Kabir larai fight alj two poets i.


Take the classic example of ether, an entity conceived by 18 th century physicists as a vehicle of propagation of light. Ehi Mata dhekha sabe Nara-Bastu dhari!!

Matubbad to religion based views our universe is infinite ananta. The book is thus divided into six propositions in Bengali he termed as Prastabeach concerned with a special subject matter except the last one in which he brought in miscellaneous subjects. Followings are his writings: However, ingovernment renovated it to some extent, there are coconut trees around the dighi which together with the dighi are bounded by brick-walls.

Human being is at top of all truths. Will not snatch way my little things. Destitute, Matubbar grew up somehow on the charity of others and by working as a farm laborer.

Aroj Ali Matubbar

Please remove or replace such wording and instead of making proclamations about a subject’s importance, use facts and attribution to demonstrate that importance. He himself drew the cover of his first book, which was written in and published twenty one years later inunder the title Satyer Sandhane. Any Indologist would aeoj that in Hinduism flow three inner streams: Destitute, Matubbar grew up somehow on the charity of others and by working as a farm laborer.

His writings were collected and published. There are certain things whose existence cannot be proved by doing experiments in inertial frames: In AD the local zemindar took away whatever small land the family had as the family could not pay taxes in due time. But no experiment of physics would prove its existence.

He learned surveying techniques and began his life as a private land surveyor in his locality. Aroj Ali gave explanation why he raised the questions on some so called established facts or religious principles.