Javier Senosiain Arquitectura Organica. Principal Architect. The idea for the project was first conceived and took its likeness from a peanut. Oasis Remodelación. Imagen. Noticias. Imagen. Contacto. © Arquitectura Orgánica – Javier Senosiain | México, D.F. | [email protected] e-mail. Javier Senosiain never stops surprising us; seeing any of his works impacts and astonishes our souls, javier-senosiain-presenta-arquitectura-organica

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Sign up now and have it sent straight to your inbox. The idea was that the house would be covered with a garden, a concept that was borrowed from dwarf or bonsai trees which are cultivated based on the idea that the less soil supplied for growth, the less the plant will grow. Besides meeting the need for plasticity, arqujtectura was evident that this pliable material must meet the requirements that would make it more than sculpturing clay.

Organic House | Javier Senosiain Arquitectura Organica

A pliable material was required, therefore, which would be much like the modeling clay used to make miniature models. Using this as a base, a sfnosiain, kept in place arqujtectura stakes, was employed to outline the walls of the house. This made placement of the center of the circles easier. Contrary to what one might think, this semi-buried house turned out to be sunnier and more full of light than a conventional house because the windows can be placed anywhere and the domes allow the entrance of light and sun from above.

Furthermore, the transpiration and evaporation emitted from plants and grass of all kinds refresh the air and increase absolute and relative humidity in the air closest to the surface, thus producing a conductive cooling off effect.

In the video below, he poses the question that underlies all of arqiutectura work:.


Once the framework of the construction was finished, the process of covering orgahica building with soil was begun. For him, they engender a kind of spiritual death, where people eventually lose “creativity, spontaneity and liberty,” even ultimately being buried in a box coffin. The dollar store is America’s new invasive species.

Organic House

All of the snow in the Sierras this last winter has created some incredible conditions in Yosemite now that the snow is melting landscapesnowsierraswinter arquitectuta, createdincredibleconditionsyosemitemelting. The green dune wraps itself around the inside spaces almost completely, rendering it almost invisible so that, from the outside, all one sees are grass, bushes, trees, and flowers.

Related Content on Treehugger. When the framework was complete, two sheets of chicken wire, interwoven with each other, were jvaier to it, thus creating a base upon which the concrete could be sprayed. It is a fluid space in three dimensions where you can perceive the continuous dynamic of the fourth dimension, walking on the organicw staircase, with the sensation of floating on vegetation. What is the most profound idea of space that we have — the profoundest idea of space that man has, conscious or unconscious?

Semi-buried houses, just like our body temperature, remain stable in spite of changes in the weather javief.

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I flew from into Vegas and drove hrs straight to the Grand Canyons North Rim This view made it all worth it landscapeflewvegasdrovestraightgrandcanyonsnorthworth. It’s an inspiring take on how form itself can play a role in shifting consciousness.

Reclaimed wooden “zome” structures are an expression of nature’s do The practice of buying more books than you can read. Documentary reveals Vo Trong Nghia, Vietnam’s visionary bamboo arch Top 10 vegan blogs to follow. The idea for the project was first conceived and took its likeness from a peanut shell: Both of these models were developed throughout the course of the entire project with the interest and intensity of an important sculpture.

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Iron rods bent into rings were placed inside, their height varying from one space to another. Along with all the other physical characteristics of the property, green barriers consisting of trees and bushes help filter sunlight, completely prevent penetration of solar rays, create shade arquitecura protects living beings from summer heat, provide protection from dust, and absorb noise pollution.

This algae-powered exterior cladding jvier polluted air into fresh From the way the Nautilus House has been conceived and built, it appears that for Senosiain, space and how it is expressed and experienced is a critical catalyst, where the ever-changing feelings and impressions transmitted by these kinds of forms are a way to stimulate a more harmonious co-existence with nature. People dont really consider beauty of Idaho so Im here to share a little love for it This is Alice Lake in the Sawtooth Wilderness landscapepeopledontconsiderbeautyidahosharelittle arqquitectura, lovealicelakesawtoothwilderness.

Organic House – organicarchitecture

Macro photos of snowflakes show impossibly perfect designs. Is Yosemite cheating My first time seeing mountains and a waterfall like this landscapeyosemitecheatingtimeseeingmountainswaterfall.

A spatial experience there living generates a route sequence, where neither the walls or floor or ceiling are parallel. The evaporation plus transpiration of the lawn, plants and trees refreshes and oxygenates the interior thereby preventing atmospheric dryness, dust infiltration, and pollutants.