For those who came in late: “Nuevos Modos De Defenderse En La Calle Con Un Baston” was published in , written by Arturo Bonafont. Author Arturo Bonafont was clearly an experienced instructor and, like Vigny and Cunningham before him, his idiosyncratic method represented a departure. Edición ilustrada con 72 fotografías. by BONAFONT, Arturo and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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After stretching and absorbing sweat during several training sessions, they conform to a functional semi-clenched shape and the leather naturally darkens, which further enhances their aesthetic appeal. Peace favor your sword, Kirk. Bonafont, I would love to correspond with you, I can’t seem to send you a private message, however? The final technique we worked on from this series of throws was the belt grab or reaching for the pocket watch defense.

I hope that you are able to find a way to reprint it! Day 2 commenced with a recap of the kick boxing work and then segued into a selection of the canonical Bartitsu stickfighting sequences. In addition to cane fighting, fencing and boxing, the French Savate also entered, but the latter discipline was unsuccessful and ceased to be practiced among high society groups.

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I want to pay tribute to Maestro Bonafont by making his system known to the world. With these words he defined the arrival of a combat “When the time to defend ourselves undoubtedly has come. Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm. Log in Remember Me? December — DVDs of Bartitsu: The grand finale of the day was everyone put on some head protection and we did individual drills with everyone rotating through being attacker and defender one at a time so they had the mat space all to themselves.


Cold Steel eskrima stick review. It is unique among Western self-defense manuals as it contains the only known cane system where the techniques are performed entirely from reverse or “hiking” grip.

March — We receive a green light to proceed with the memorial wall display at Westminster Library.

Defence in the Street. I tried PMing again mid-last year.

Baston Defensa Cane Street fighting by Arturo Bonafont

On the subject of improvisation, Barton-Wright noted: Although comfortable over open or semi-clenched hands, the gloves are initially stiff enough that forming a tight fist is difficult. March 27th heralds the long-awaited release of the feature-length documentary, Bartitsu: Sherlock Holmes is portrayed as an excellent combatant with a tachypsychic ability to virtually meditate in the midst of chaos.

Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts. Wellington, New Zealand hosts the world premiere of a new play, The Hooligan and the Ladya dramatised biography of Edwardian-era jujitsu and self defence advocate Florence LeMar. Fortunately I speak Spanish, so I’m in the process of translating it. Four out of the five had previous Oriental martial arts experience.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: But I haven’t heard from him atturo the subject in a while. Originally Posted by TheVigilante.

There was a digression at one point into a specific newaza ground grappling submission lock as an example of maintaining control should the thrown opponent pull the defender down with them.

We then did a series of failure drills where the defender with bonafint cane has the cane grabbed or taken away by the offender. A second trailer for Sherlock Holmes: Announcement of three separate media projects based on the premise that Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini teamed up as detectives.


Bonafonnt do you think would happen if This manual is a treasure as it is entirely devoted to the use of the walking cane for street survival and has no sportive application to it. Ryan Sermona vs Matt Garlett. Now talking about the cane system of Arthur Bonafont, it was born as a need of the gentlemen to defend themselves. I would really appreciate contact with you Bohafont it was all over we did a quick after-action review.

Bonafont System for the Cane. It is quite unnecessary to try and get your opponent in any particular position, as the system embraces every possible eventuality, and your defence and counter attack must be entirely based upon the tactics of your opponent.

Baston Defensa Cane Street fighting by Arturo Bonafont | #

A new interview with Bartitsu Forum founder and novelist Will Thomas appears online. It is a unique and very valuable contribution to martial arts scholarship. I like to start with pugilism as I find it provides a good warm up and starts building a sense of body movement and contact. The first ever Bartitsu lecture and demonstration is offered in Zagreb, Croatia. We started by arrturo the Canonical technique slowly to get the feel for the move. First we worked them slowly using each other to see how they can be used against knee, shin and foot.

So I bit the bullet.