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In he joined Federal Cabinet as Minister of State for religious affairs. In the late nineties he started column writing and soon he became a leading Urdu columnist. In the mirror of his columns, he looks like a spokesperson for voiceless and suffering people of homeland.

Besides, he is a brilliant orator and author of high caliber.

What he learnt from column writing? But above all he is a learned person and a true lover of Prophet Mohemmed SAWW and even his adversaries acknowledged this fact.

Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain is truly a legend of this modern age. I could not remain a part of such a government. His emergence as one of few most distinguished scholars of his time indicates that he has mature head upon his young shoulders.

Buy Asar E Qayamat online in Pakistan –

He wrote many books. But I chose the former, though it was not an easy task as some people believe GEO has given me name and fame and this is what I always regard but this time I give preference to my morality and rules which I have drawn keeping in my mind what my Allah swt and my religion says. This program focuses on religious and social issues at a same time. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here His resignation from cabinet was reported in banner headlines on the front pages of newspapers not only in his native Pakistan but abroad as well.

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He suffered many setbacks during his career but he never compromised with circumstances and proved successfully that how a man can work under immense pressure. He started his career in Geo TV Network as first news caster and subsequently became the channel s leading Anchor and Host.

It was not a small incident. A man of many qualities, prominent scholar who possesses a pleasing disposition, veteran journalist whose name becomes synonymous with truthfulness and bravery in the field of journalism, prolific columnist whose articles inspire his readers, a famous Naat khuwan whom Allah Almighty gifted a melodious voice.

After having gained reputation as an orator, he wanted to exhibit his writing skills, for this purpose he chose journalism for accomplishment of his aspirations. Due to his intelligent and selfless services to the people, he truly became a prominent public figure and climbed the people s ladder to become the member of National Assembly in Indeed he tried to bridge the gap and succeeded to bring both the sects closer and Aalim On line became a symbol of love, peace and harmony.

Putting aside the grief of his personal loss, he set up a welfare foundation after the name of his mother. In the beginning, two scholars were invited on the show; belonging from two major schools of thought, he said that the reason behind doing this program is:. Expressing his feelings on that mournful occasion, he says:.


Despite being son of Liaquta Liaquat Hussain, a renowned political and social figure and Ghousia Mehmooda Sultana, an activist of freedom movement and first female columnist of the country, Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain has earned his present status on his own merit.

This site uses cookies. At one side, he unveiled extremist face of those elements who wrongly interpret Islam before world community, at the other side; he exposed double standards of this hippocratic society. He explains it in poetic style of Faiz Ahmed Aasar ,the greatest Urdu poet of recent past:.

Besides his curricular activities he also took part in extra curricular activities. Wamir he resigned from Federal Cabinet while on his peak. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Asar E Qayamat

My aim is to bring people closer and to reduce their hatred for one another. But instead of doing so, I thought it is better to resign, not only from the cabinet, but also from the assembly because, it too could do nothing practical on this issue.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. I still believe and I shall continue to believe that whatever happened there was absolutely wrong. I am proud of the fact that I did my duty and vigorously condemned Devil Rushdi and those who wanted to confer knighthood upon him.