STRABISMUS Dr. Habibah S. Muhiddin, Sp.M STRABISMUS EKSOTROPIA ESOTROPIA EKSOTROPIA Eksotropia:bentuk strabismus divergen dmn mata berputar shg kornea berdeviasi LP & Askep StrabismusDocuments. Having an eye that does not line up with the other is called strabismus, or more commonly, ‘crossed eyes’ or ‘lazy eye.’ When a child is. Pseudo Strabismus / Epicanthus · Strabismus & Ambliopia – LT · LP & Askep Strabismus · REFRACTIVE SURGERY & STRABISMUS: · Strabismus, Amblyopia &.

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Sap Strabismus – [PDF Document]

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Conjunctivitis Lasting A Month Clinic Angle Mayo Open Glaucoma

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