ASME PTC Air Heaters. ; Status: Active, Most Current; Document Language: English; Published By: ASME International (ASME). The Code on Definitions and Values (ASME PTC 2) defines the meaning and values of basic technical terms and numerical constants that are. Asme Ptc Air Heaters Bw () – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Substituting Equation 8 into Equation 7 yields: In operating plants, it is generally impossibleto establishdesign conditions to verify performance.

Enter your account email address to request a password reset: The fluid velocity is determinedby a Pitot tube measurement. The algorithm was of the form: Thus, there can he no correction to beat transfer within the air heater for air leakage. Watts DOE, FETC With the increasedemphasison the efficiency of fossil-fuel-fired, steamgenerationfacilities, the performance of ancillary equipment is becoming increasinglyimportant.

The parametervalues used for the estimation of the uncertainty of the TCFGOT and the bias and random erroreassociatedwith them are shown below in Table I. The uncertainty is shown as a percent of the final calculatedvalue.

For application of Equation 1, two additional, independenttemperaturecorrectionsare required. Becauseof the non-linearity of the final equation, numerical approximationswete usedto determinethe differentials neededfor the propagation procedure.

Asme Ptc 4.3 Air Heaters Bw (1991)

Substituting 14 into Equation 11 and then expandingEquation 1 by substituting Equations2,3,11, and 12, along with the air heaterperformance correlations Equations5 and 6resultsin the following revised equation: The velocity is calculated by: Ptf following derivation assumesonly one same and thus representsthe maximum estimatederror.

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Skip to main content. The no-leak flue gas temperature,rz, is calculatedfrom the measuredflue gas temperatureby: FORMAT Single User Subscription Site License Subscription BOOKS All Books PACKAGES All Packages EDITION to PUBLISHER.

The methods followed in deriving the estimatesof the uncertainty of the individual parametersarepublished by ASME.

The calculated value oftbe TCXGT from an air heaterperformancetest must be equal to or less than the design value for optimal air heaterperformance. For the details of the estimation of the uncertaintiesof other parameters,refer to the final Milliken project report8 Only the errors and uncertainty for wsme evaluations are presentedhere.

[PDF] ASME PTC – Free Download PDF

While normally severalair streamsarc present primary and secondary ,in this paper we examineonly one sectionof the air heater. Of interest is the fact that the uncertainty in the design of a heat exchangerestimatedby Jamesis much larger than the uncertainty in the estimateof the performance. The ASME code predicts the temperaturecorrectedto the designvalue while the performancecurvespredict the expectedtemperatureat operating conditions.

For the deviation from the design entering air temperature,rclJM,this is: In the caseof the Milliken study, the correlation equationsagreedwith results from the plots within the ability to read the plots.


The computedvalue of the TCFGOT should be less than or equal to the design flue gas temperature,if the air heateris performing properly.

The bias and random errors are propagatedseparatelyusing Taylor seriesexpansionsfor highly nonlinear equations: The uncertainty for a duct traversewith as few as4 points is still dominated by the bias errors. If there were no crossproduct terms, a duct traverseof 12 samplepoints in Equation A5 would require 72 terms. This tends to compensatefor bias errors. The inclusion of crossproducts,i terms, addssignificantly to the number of terms that must be evaluated.


Normally the manufacturer will supply the purchaserwith designperformancecurves or equations,but not with those to calculatethe temperaturecorrectionsspecified by the PTC. In the air heater,energy in the flue gas is recovered by the incoming combustion air.

Similarly, the gas density is calculated: That is, the difference between f.

This is reflected in quation 10 where the X-ratio is correctedto the design leak of zero before being applied to the calculation of the temperaturecorrection. Since the parametersh and4 were evaluatedat three times the bias error, o, greater and three times the pttc error lower than the actual value of the temperatureof the inlet air, the total delta is six times a. If the denominatorof Equation A5 is set equal to Sum1and the numerator equal to 43 to simplify the resulting equations,thesepartial differentials are: Theselatter temperaturecorrectionsare unique to a specific air heater.

The following example shows the evaluation of one of the incrementalchangeterms required by Equation This expansion is used to evaluatethe bias as,e random error contributions separately. Thirty-thousand of these members are students. Random errors arereducedby repeatmeasurements. Help Center Find new research papers in: Equation A5 producessix setsof partial differential equations.

This createsa consistentbasis for the calculations. To evaluatethe bias error associatedwith the air temperatureat the inlet: Remember me for one month.