A.S Neill’s Summerhill School, a co-educational boarding school in Suffolk, England, is the original alternative ‘free’ school. SUMMERHILL A RADICAL APPROACH TO CHILD REARING By A. S. NEILL With a Foreword by Eric Fromm TO HAROLD H. HART I hope you will get a . Summerhill School. Neill founded Summerhill School in in Hellerau near Dresden, Germany. Today it is a boarding and.

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They are not much interested in elaborate joints of the dovetail variety; even the older boys do not care for difficult carpentry. However, he a.s.nsill that prohibiting masturbation causes problems for children and that, if children are allowed to discuss sexual matters openly, pornography, homosexuality and promiscuity do not arise; he condemns hypocritical attitudes to illegitimacy and abortion.

He later abandoned these “PLs,” finding that children who did not have PLs were still cured of delinquent behavior; he therefore concluded that freedom was the cure, not psychotherapy. You cannot make children learn music or anything else without to some degree summrrhill them into will-less adults. Yet after three years of freedom, these boys were also cured. Perhaps a group of our twelve- year-olds could not compete-with a class of equal age in handwriting or spelling or fractions.

Neill was friendly and relaxed with his pupils, and described his two years there as “the happiest of [his] life thus far”.

A. S. Neill – New World Encyclopedia

I am always anxious when a craze for wooden swords ssummerhill I insist that the points be covered summerill rubber or cloth, but even then I am always glad when the craze is over. He continued as a pupil teacher in Bonnyrigg and Kingskettlewhere he found the teachers’ instruction militant and loathsome. When I lecture to a group of teachers, I commence by saying that I am not going to speak about school subjects or discipline or classes.


Left to themselves, I question whether younger children would ever form a government.

I decided to be drastic, and at his next P. Yet Mr Lyward Burn, was able to take state-funded pupils without having to compromise on his principles or methods of work. Wednesday night is dance night.


The face is the person as far as the outside world is concerned. I was beaten by a large majority. But all the wonderful labs and workshops do nothing to help John or Peter or Ivan surmount the emotional damage and the social evils bred by the pressure on him from his parents, his schoolteachers, and the pressure of the coercive quality of our civilization.

We make that child come to believe that he is inferior, and must depend on help. The thoughtful parent will be shocked to realize the extent of pressure and power that he is unwittingly using against the child. One spring we had a spate of bad luck. Additionally, critics have argued that providing an environment that encourages the child to have no fear is very unrealistic and dangerous both physically and emotionally, arguing that to function effectively in the natural and social worlds the child must learn norms of behavior:.

A. S. Neill

The Times Literary Supplement After about ten P. I am Neill, and the cook is Esther.


They passed any amount of laws and then forgot them and broke them. I emphasize the importance of this absence of fear of adults.

eummerhill In an example, a student can skip French class to play music, but cannot disruptively play music during the French class. Then I noticed that she was bored. A.s.nekll Bailey placed Neill alongside William GodwinJean-Jacques RousseauVoltaireand Robert Owen in Thomas Sowell’s “unconstrained vision” tradition, where human potential is naturally unlimited and human development is dependent on environment and not incentives.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts, For they have their own thoughts.

Although pupil numbers were small, Neill’s numerous publications and lectures made him the best known British progressive educationist of the twentieth century. There was a gulf of ten years between him and the youngest sister.

The author has made a decision between full human development and full market-place -and he is uncompromisingly honest in the way he pursues the road to his chosen goal.

Success would have been miraculous in this case, for the only common speech we had was art and music. He will not see any fun in trying to make an adult lose his temper. The function of the child is to live his a.sneill life— not the life that his anxious parents think he should live, nor a life according to the purpose of the educator who thinks he knows what is best.