Testing per ASTM D allows both the material engineer and the design engineer to test materials for desired properties such as strength, ductility, toughness. ISO – ASTM D Quick impact at low temperature. Instron Logo. “It is our objective at Instron to provide our customers the best ownership experience by. This standard is issued under the fixed designation D ; the number immediately following fication System D lists the ASTM materials standards that.

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The only similarity between the two awtm is that they are both instrumented impact tests. Impact resistance is a critical measure of service life and more importantly these days, it involves the perplexing problem of product safety and liability. Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard.

A number in parentheses indicates the year of last reapproval.

ASTM D3763 High-Speed Puncture Properties of Plastics

Whether your business is local or global, we can ensure your products meet quality, health, environmental, safety, and social accountability standards astk virtually any market around the world.

Equipment used at Plastics Technology Laboratories, Inc.: If the probe is a one-piece design from the load transducer to the impact point, the portion of the loaddisplacement recording that follows penetration represents the friction effect of the probe sliding through the puncture and has no utility for describing the impact fracture.


Its versatility allows it and its composites to be used in everything from car parts to doll parts; from drink bottles to the refrigerators they are stored in.

Inspection Validating the specifications, value and safety of your raw materials, products and assets. Both plastic suppliers and their customers may use test results to verify product performance.

ASTM D3763 Puncture Resistance Fixture | GD3763-174

The following equations are used to determine the velocity versus time: Please confirm that you agree with our privacy and cookies policy d33763 submit this form. Impact resistance is a critical measure of service life and more importantly these days, it involves the perplexing problem of product safety and liability. Some suggested speeds are 2. The specimens are conditioned at the specified temperature in a freezer until they reach equilibrium, generally a minimum of 6 hours.

The technical content and results shall not be compared between the two test methods. The HV also provides a greater range of v velocities — from 2.

Description Literature Contact Us Since the s, plastics have become a major industry — one that affects all aspects of our lives — providing improved packaging, creating new textiles, and permitting the production of new products and cutting-edge technologies. CEAST Series Impact resistance is one of the most important asgm for component designers to consider, as well as the most difficult to quantify. Correlations between various geometries have not been established.


Generally, when a material has a high toughness and a low to medium stiffness, the inertial effects will occur early in the test and not affect the data required in Section R is the interval representing the critical difference between two test results for the same material, obtained by different operators using different equipment in different laboratories. Most of them include computerized data reduction and automatic printouts of results. Email addresses can only contain letters, numbers and the following special characters: Due in part to its unique capability to be manufactured to meet very specific, functional needs, plastic is the most used material in the world.

Each contains features of both and should be speci? This astn be accomplished through the use of a suitable transducer or potentiometer attached directly to the system.

Multiaxial Impact ASTM D ISO ISO

Standards can be obtained from www. D — D37763 may be indicative of cracks, tears, or failure of individual components in a composite.

Two and a half additional hours were needed to reach equilibrium. For awtm information, see A1. Contact Us View Accessories Catalog. Subscribe to Our Newsletters.

In such systems, the curves are represented digitally as numeric arrays of load-displacement of load-time. To request a quote for this test or others Click Here.