This standard is issued under the fixed designation D ; the 1 These test methods are under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D11 on. ASTM D – Standard Test Method for Coated Fabrics. ASTM D Standard Test Methods for Coated Fabrics.

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The strength of the coating on the fabric is measured dd751 pretensioning the sample and then testing it using one of the above hydrostatic methods. Low Temperature Impact Test. The literature recognizes rubber-coated fabrics, however the coverage is not limited to rubber, and extends to similar types of polymer coatings on textiles. Preparing the Specimens Three specimens should be tested.

This will be recorded by the UTM v751. This list explains the grips and equipment needed for each of the 20 different tests under ASTM D The specimens should be rectangles and 50mm W X mm L in size. Record the force necessary to separate the coating from the backing.

This test determines the elongation of the coated fabric during the breaking strength tests. D Tearing Strength Tearing strength can be determined by two methods: This allows the material to acquire multiple hybrid properties, such as a textile becoming stronger or more stain or wear resistant.


Crush Resistance Crush resistance is a compression test similar to adtm shear test.

Next run the test machine so that it separates the coating from the backing with a uniform speed of. The length may be measured by a ruler or with the drum method where the length data is measured off a dial or indicator. Five specimens should be cut with the smallest dimension at least Textile tests are usually performed in rapid sequences and therefore it may be advantageous qstm use pneumatic grips, especially if the machine is running for several hours per day. Adhesion Coating to Fabrics.

Call our fixture engineers today and they can provide you d715 a specialized fixture just for this test. Grips with faces of over 1×1″ are appropriate.

ASTM D751 Coated Fabrics Rainwear Test Equipment

This test is similar to ASTM D where a puncture implement with a chamfered edge is used to puncture through the sample. Tearing strength can be determined by two methods: Finally record the average force necessary to tear the fabric Accessories Required for Tack-Tear Resistance You will need a specialized tack-tear resistance fixture shown in Figure 4 of the standard official standard. The samples are then conditioned in an oven for a set temperature and time period. The Pendulum Test Method requires the specimen to be held between two clamps, one movable and one stationary.


The other method, the Tongue Tear Method awtm more common and requires a universal testing machine.

ASTM D – 06() Standard Test Methods for Coated Fabrics

Puncture Resistance Another test using a puncture fixture. A weight is placed on top of the glass plates to maintain even pressure.

Crush resistance is zstm compression test similar to a shear test. Apply the force to the button with a uniform speed of. Our top universal test machine recommendations are: This test determines the tack-tear resistance of the coated fabric.

Preparing dd751 Specimens Use the same specimens as for breaking strength. Adhesion Coating to Fabrics The adhesion test is used when the coating is stronger than the adhesive that binds it to the fabric.

Waterproof textiles are also usually tested satm one or more of these standards. Pneumatic actuation allows for quick and simple specimen setup. Preparing the Specimens Create two sets of five specimens each for warp and filling tack-tear strength.