In his latest timelapse video, AstroFotografia, Miguel Claro explores Portugal’s exquisite night skies. The film brings together dozens of images. Miguel Claro is a Portuguese professional photographer, author and a the astronomy and photography Portuguese book “Astrofotografia – Imagens à luz das. Followers, Following, Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Miguel Claro Astrophotography (@miguel_claro).

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Biography of Miguel Claro

Dragged Milky Way in the Church of Noudar. The relative abundance of the different ions varies with the temperature of the photosphere. A deeply startrail above Monte Alerta trees. Imagem obtida entre as 00h42 e as 2h42, de All the islands have volcanic origins, although some, such as Santa Maria, have migguel no recorded activity since the islands were settled.

Electromagnetic radiation from the star is analyzed by splitting it with a prism or diffraction grating into a spectrum exhibiting the rainbow of colors interspersed with absorption lines.

Contact miguel claro astrophotography on messenger. The astrovotografia of Almourol is one of the more emblematic and cenographic medieval military monuments of the reconquest, and the best representation of the influence of the Knights Templar in Portugal.

MIGUEL CLARO – Art Science Photography | Astrophotography and Workshops

Image from Monsaraz region, one of the locations covered by the great Dark Sky Reserve area and that had the best dark sky measures in the process of Starlight validation. In the background, at astrofotobrafia left side of Yepun VLT Telescope, we can see the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds draged, while in center right of the image, the Zodiacal Light is coming up above the Milky Way that lies behind the horizon of this startrail sky.

The margins on this site are tall and stony, and so tight that they have given rise to a legend that says ashrofotografia a wolf in hunting could transports them in a jump.


London is a very busy city since morning until mid night. Moving to the right in the center of the image, is located the Canopus startrail, as well the draged motion of Large and Small Magellanic Clouds.

Sum of 15 images. A moonlit scene where stone, sand, and water merge into a perfect combination. Image taken in Alentejo. But above the sky, there are persistent stars and constellations, that still shine in the orange sky. Total sum of images. With this kind of precision the VLTI can reconstruct images with an angular resolution of milliarcseconds, equivalent to distinguishing the two headlights of a car at the distance of the Moon.

Sequence of a Crescent Moon Earthshine, captured in the nautical twilight until the moon sets behind the trees of a small pine forest in Fonte-de-Telha, Almada. This huge blue lake meters above the sea level — it is about 2 km long and 1 km wide — fills the ground of an extinct crater, whose caldera was formed during an eruption in There are milions of sky enthusiasts and amateur astronomers in the entire world, fighting against the growing problem of light pollution and trying to find some dark places that could revealing more stars as well, the beautiful presence of Milky Way.

O lajeado do lado direito possui um comprimento de 21,30m, e uma largura de 10,75m, do lado esquerdo, apenas se conservaram algumas lajes, in situ. Lodging Gate to the Noudar Starry Sky. Polar Startrail in the Arms of a Noudar Tree. Lakes, horses and millenar olive trees, is just an example of what we could find there.

A Portrait Startrail above Pulo do Lobo. A colorful life, full of stars!

The settlement was destroyed by English forces in Miguel claro quer ajudarnos a admirar e a fotografar paisagens verdadeiramente astronomicas. Above the Moon, stands the celestial equator, with the stars of Orion. The white clouds near the horizon gave the last fine touch, in this quite and peaceful scene.

Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. A partly cloudy sky reflects the lights of Punta Cana beach, Dominican Republic, in what seems to be an explosion of light while in the background sky, a starry vortex surrounding Polaris remember us that Earth Rotation never ends. But one of these stars is really special, for having humans on board at all times, is this the International Space Station ISSthe more evident by its intensity, moving at a speed of One of the remaining ruins from the Southern Gate Tower of the Roman City of Ammaia, in a cloudy moonlight scene, during the passage of the Astrofotografai Space Station coaro the skies.


ESO Photo Ambassador Miguel Claro | ESO

The four separate optical telescopes are known as Antu, Migue, Melipal and Yepun, which are all words for astronomical objects in the Mapuche language, with optical elements that can combine them into an astrifotografia interferometer VLTIwhich is used to resolve small objects.

A Startrail from Pico do Arieiro Captured in the top of Madeira island, in Pico do Arieiro, at about meters high, from left to right, is visible above the horizon and between the passing clouds, the lights coming from neighboring island of Porto Santo.

However, during the two nights astrofotografai I was shooting, I had the great presence of the moon to light up the landscape, creating many different blue sky tones and showing less stars than we usually see, with naked eye.

Located on a small islet in the middle of the Tagus River, in Vila Nova da Barquinha, in the centre region of the country.

Well, either or not, it will be a great sky show indeed, providing good opportunities for images like that. Good and plentiful farming land and cattle grazing fields can also be found near the castle.