Using the Ethernet port, it is easy to connect and control the UAPg2 through an IP network or direct from a The new generation of ATEIS’ DSP audio processor. Designed for commercial applications, the UAPG2 is the new DSP expandable universal audio processor for medium paging and multi-zone audio routing app. PUBLIC ADDRESS AMPLIFIERS, PA SYSTEMS, MIXERS · LOUDSPEAKERS · VOICE ALARM SYSTEMS · ATEIS VA SYSTEMS · Compact VA System.

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The left window display the audio files available to be stored into UAPg2, the right window display which files are already stored into UAPg2.

Depending on your system, this operation takes time. The message player cannot be used with the UAPg2 set at 96kHz. The control window of the “Gate – Mono” Each may be assigned to any DSP function in your design, and each is fully scalable. Select wave file you want to copy from UAPG2 to your computer and click on the retrieve button, wave file is copied into your computer.


Audio Design Services Limited – ATEIS-UAPg2 4/12 – ATEIS-UAPG2 4/12

The component contains two Tabs: You have choice between seven times you can adjust precise time and each sub-folders contains three components with various numbers of outputs. Each category has 4 different feedback it is only the number of filter 4, 8 12 or 16 that the feedback will use.

Subscribe to The Penton Newsletter Email: The Window menu contains the following items: Through this link, you can share up to 16 channels at 48 kHz or 5 channels at 96 kHz sampling rate to the next device.

In the following example: We’ve worked hard to make the software powerful and flexible for the seasoned user, but not intimidating for those who have not yet discovered the power of drag-and-drop system design.

It will pass only highest priority channel out. The White noise is a random signal or process with a flat power spectral density.

Ateis UAPG2 G2 Full Instruction Manual

Notch it to active the Logic output channel. To control an event from a third party, notch the “Third Party Cont. Master preset Master preset allows storing of several different DSP design in a same configuration. Hundreds of presets and an advanced event scheduler. Impressive library of signal processing tools.


To import a wave from your computer, click on To import a ZIP file from your computer, click on Click on Name of the current schedule Start time: Once you’ve designed a system with our processor, you’ll know why the UAP G2 is the future! Wire it physically to the UAPg2. Uspg2 pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Easy design friendly user control windows for client operation. The ambient noise is measured with a sensing microphone aeis to the sensing microphone input S.

DSP Audio Processor – UAP

Repeat field or until a stop event appears Forever field. You can see the answer in the received data area. If there is nothing to change click to execute the installation.

Here are the details of each tab: In this way it reduces the dynamic range ayeis an audio signal. Notch the options of the monitor window. In our example, the A.