Among Kurds, Bachtyar Ali has long been a celebrated author. In Germany, he shot to fame when ″Der letzte Granatapfel″ (The Last. ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The renowned Kurdish novelist Bachtyar Ali received a prestigious prize for literature in Germany’s Dortmund. Venue: Stadtgarten, Venloer Straße 40, Cologne Combined ticket for Bachtyar Ali and Mazzaj Rap Band: 8 €, reduced 5 € Doors open

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The book is a drumbeat.

Iraq is a joke. Bachtyar Ali was born in Sulaymaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan in Having narrowly escaped death’s grip, it emerges that Jaladiti Kotr is able to travel back and forth between the spheres of life and death, passing from this world to the next, between bschtyar and real worlds, poetry and reality.

Why did you leave and how do you feel about Kurdistan today? Selected for Books at Berlinale I absolutely love the song and the meaning behind Bachtyar Ali’s new novel sees the rise of the belief in art and literature from the ashes of our lack of imagination; with its brightly-coloured Kurdish plumage, it flies through the hearts of re-enchanted readers.


Two sisters, full of life and desire for freedom, face two different destinies in a city isolated by war. The bereaved mother shared her story with Esther Felden More.

Bachtyar Ali’s novel “Die Stadt der weißen Musiker” : Poetry and truth –

How could such an author hide for so long from our book market? Postmodernismmagic realismliterary fiction. No one will help us if we don’t help ourselves.

How can you harness that power artistically?

Bachtyar Ali

But how different, how much livelier and at the same time sadder is this Kurdish Doctor Faustus! A timeless and contemporary story, wrapped in a fairytale atmosphere. Interfaith initiatives from Morocco to Jerusalem Dialogue by design. That doesn’t bring bacutyar any change for the Bachtyaf.

The City of the White Musicians. Ali understands that the award is given to a kind of literature that helps to bring peoples together, the statement explained.

He has been living in Cologne since Most Recent Photo Essay. Ali finished his pre-university education in Slemani. For their part, some European readers cannot free themselves from the image of the Arabian Nights. Skip a,i main content. Art is a peaceful form of resistance and salvation. He is a Kurdish novelist and intellectual, a literary critic, essayist, and poet.


The award is presented by the local government in Dortmund. I am not, of course, talking here about a Messianic salvation or a historical salvation in the Marxist sense. xli

S elected as best book of the year by the Ministry of Education of the autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan. We writers and intellectuals are called upon to counter this development,” says Bachtyar Ali. Basically, art cannot be separated from escape because art in itself is a form of escape. Inhe published his first book, a poetry collection titled Gunah w Karnaval “Sin and the Carnival”; Kurdish: Tunisian teachers protesting work conditions demand better pay.

Bachtyar Ali – Wikipedia

But he ended up captive for 21 years in the middle of the desert. He regularly organises concerts and festivals in Iran with the artist collective “House No. Writing aali me to de-personalise my memories to a certain extent and to treat them more as the general experiences of an entire generation.

He is on board a boat that will take him along with other refugees to Europe.