Build and enhanceyour product expertise. Backbase Academy makes it easy for you to identify the courses and certifications aligned to your role. Digital Banking Conference of the Year Backbase, the leader in In Backbase Academy you will find tutorials about deployment and. Backbase uses AJAX, or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, technologies to W3Schools XPath Tutorial [].

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Jenny Maat June 20, innovation Internet of Things payments.

I’ve been talking to one of our many special customers recently about putting a new Backbase case study together. High-flying concepts like big data, artificial intelligence AIor cognitive banking have gotten very tangible. Jenny Maat June 27, Jenny Maat September 25, customer experience omni-channel.

Jenny Maat July 19, bsckbase Why is it so difficult for financials to truly engage with their customers?

Backbase Omni-Channel Digital Banking Platform – Backbase

He has also contributed to our thought leadership platform, BankNXT. Backbase is essentially a rich vackbase layer, where widgets are fed to the browser and laid out there.

This research evaluates 14 MADP vendors across four use cases of growing demand for mobile apps. Named to the Visionary Quadrant for Each of those aspirations Jenny Maat January 20, outside-In.


Architecture for the widgets is the same across devices, such as on PCs, mobile and TV. You know its crucial to focus in on what customers want, and you are determined to catch up on what the new competition can deliver. Delivering state-of-the-art UX building blocks, on top of a highly resilient API driven digital banking back-end.

Jenny Maat December 13, insurtech.

Backbase: A Rich Portal-Building Framework

The answer is a firm grasp of bacjbase Customer OS – they get it, in fact they proactively drive it. Jenny Maat November 11, Forrester.

In this webinar, Pete Chapman, Principal Fintech Strategist at Backbase, and former banker Pete worked for 10 years in banking, responsible for IT and Emerging Technologiesshares his story and vision on the We published the clip on our Backbase has been highlighting our customer experiences helping bring Bank 2. Jenny Maat October 8, Gartner. Much of the commentary on the need to digitally transform, connect divergent silos and reshape internal processes has generally referred to banks.

Jenny Maat November 7, bxckbase experience outside-In. Jenny Maat September 12, customer experience Finovate innovation.


Backbase: A Rich Portal-Building Framework

Jenny Maat August 12, Nackbase Maat June 1, customer experience. Jenny Maat January 18, customer experience open banking outside-In. Once again, we bring global industry leaders together to tackle the tough questions on digital transformations.

Jouk Pleiter June 12, Jenny Maat January 13, Jenny Maat December 7, fintech. Banks know they have All puns aside, the Jenny Maat August 2, customer experience mobile and online.

We created it specifically to meet the needs of Jenny Maat November 28, customer experience Forrester. Jenny Maat March 14, outside-In user experience. I lived all my life in Buenos Aires, Argentina, until I was offered the great opportunity to join the company.

Since implementing Backbase Bank 2. The superior segmentation and targeting potential these technologies provide has powered a new era of personalized, highly-targeted communications. Jenny Maat March 11, Finovate. Today in Singapore, at FinovateAsiaBackbase revealed that the latest edition of Backbase Portal, their lean customer experience platform CXPincludes powerful new social features.

Jenny Maat February 5,