The gafftopsail catfish (Bagre marinus) is one of the species of most importance to fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico, particularly in the coastal region of Tabasco. Annual reproductive cycle of gafftopsail catfish, Bagre marinus (Ariidae) in a tropical coastal environment in the Gulf of Mexico. Ciclo reproductivo anual del. Taxonomic Notes: Bagre marinus is a species complex that includes two species, Bagre marinus sensu strictu and Bagre bahiensis (Betancur and Marceniuk.

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Revista Brasileira de Biologia Dennis Helebrandt for revision the English manuscript.

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Gafftopsail catfish Conservation status. Journal of Fish Biology 53, This page was last edited on 25 Augustat Invariably, b is close to 3. The ecology of fish communities in the Mississippi River deltaic plain.

In males the brachyurans reached their maximum frequency of occurrence In females its maximum frequency of occurrence A case of albinism in Arius jella Day from India.

This exceeds the nine weeks reported for other catfishes: This decline may be related to a migration of males from the fishing area to estuarine zones, such as Mecoacan Lagoon and the Gonzalez River, where they are known to release juveniles Mendoza-Carranza Images were acquired from the web site of the Global Precipitation Climatology Centre It is generally common to abundant in its range.

This climatic change results in the salinization of the estuarine system by intrusion of marine water, which favors the migratory event.

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June 26, marihus CatfishPoison Tags: Randomized sampling of fishes was done. It resembles the hardhead catfishbut its dorsal spine has a distinctive fleshy extension like the fore-and-aft topsail of a ship.


A progressive increase in fullness weight index can be attributed to the recruitment of males that have already finished the period of oral incubation.

The commonest catch method employed to capture this species was the bottom long line set at depths of 10 to 40m. Fishes of the Gulf of Mexico: Monthly differences were tested using the Kruskal-Wallis test and nonparametric multiple comparison Zar This amazing looking fish is a gafftopsail catfish Bagre marinus.

Entered by Luna, Susan M. This reinforces gagre hypothesis that the season of reproductive event and spawning doe not have significant variation along years.

Add your observation in Fish Watcher Native range All suitable habitat Point map Year This map was computer-generated and has not yet been reviewed. Fishes were returned to the fisherman after these procedures.

Contributions in Marine Science 27, Lateral view of the gafftopsail catfish, Bagre marinus. The mean number of mature hydrated oocytes per female was 33, ranging from marihus to 62, which is related to the mouth brooding tactic wich allowed ariid species to survive under a variety of environmental conditions.

Journal of Fish Biology 17, Indian Journal of Fisheries 58 1: Squilla sp and Callinectes sp, mostly S.

Baagre hypothesis is reinforced by the monthly variation in sex proportion during these months and November, when we noticed a progressive decrease in the number of males.

Reproduction and food habits of seven species of northern Gulf of Mexico fishes. Relationships among monthly gonadosomatic index and environmental variables were tested using correlation analyses Zar Introduction The gafftopsail catfish Bagre marinus Mitchill represents the greatest volume among marine bagge fish species landed in the Mexican Coast of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea tons in Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, U.


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Marine Ecology Progress Series 49, Journal of Climate 15, Albino catfish in Virginia. This fish is a common catch in the Southeastern US, although it may be found as far north as New York.

The total number of individuals sampled wasdivided in: During May and June, two groups of oocytes could be clearly distinguished: A review of reproduction and development in the fork-tailed catfishes Marinnus.

Few seasonal changes in diet of both sexes were observed, with a progressive increase of occurrence of fishes and diminution of stomatopods and penaeid shrimps.

Despite the importance of this species to fisheries and coastal ecosystems in the region, only a few marimus of its life history have been studied.

Fish community ecology in estuaries and coastal lagoons: Several cases of albinism have been reported in catfish Table 1but until now no record of an albino gafftopsail catfish has been reported.

Loricariidae from an Atlantic forest coastal basin. The gafftopsail catfish has maxillary barbels and one pair of barbels on the chin.

Gafftopsail catfish

Marine Ecology Progress Series. In Tabasco, this landing volume is mainly sustained by the bottom long line used by the artisan fleet, which fishes in the coastal zone. The Southwestern Naturalist 31 4: