nce again, in what he calls a “sibling” to his first-rate novel, “Justine,” and is the second volume of a promised tetralogy, Lawrence Durrell writes of modern. The deeply affecting second novel of the Alexandria Quartet, which boldly questions perception and the nature of contemporary loveIn Alexandria, Egypt, in the. The narrator’s gaze is fixed upon the past once again and so in this novel Durrell sets out to create the story over, divulging new information that.

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It is certainly impossible to read without first devouring its ‘sibling’ Justine. Ironically, he must know more before he is able to discard the wealth of information: It also explained why they were incomparable lovers. Alexandria QuartetBritish literatureLawrence Durrellliteraturereview. But of course, the truth is that nobody ever does breathe a word, nobody interferes, nobody whispers while the acrobat is on durre,l tight-rope; they just sit and watch the spectacle, waiting only to be wise after the event.

They crave an input into the narrator’s if not the baltuazar enterprise maybe even its direction and outcome.

I would say that this is in every way an equal accomplishment to the first book and so it is only my own personal preference that views Balthazar as slightly less compelling than Justine. I am only trying to express it. Apparently these durrll will take on a full three dimensions at last in the next part, with the final moving forward in time the fourth dimension, of course to a true sequel. He seems to exist only to meet up with Justine at various places where he can have sex with her. Again the narrator is the author, Darley, now removed from Alexandria and living on an isolated Greek island bakthazar a small girl duerell, the daughter of his dead former lover, the tubercular prostitute Melissa.

Balthazar – Lawrence Durrell

This is a review of the audiobook, which I received in exchange for an honest review from Brilliance Audio. Stretched the limit in beating the bounds. The introduction to this novel, the second in the Alexandria Quartet, briefly explains one of the structural ideas behind the durrel.


I found it more readable and engaging than Justine. Originally published on my blog here in June Nothing except the act of physical love tells us this truth about one another I have no clue what Mountolive could durrel contribute but I can’t wait to find out. There is a plot, but it is often obscured by the descriptions of characters and place.

Balthazar (Alexandria Quartet): Lawrence Durrell: : Books

The book abounds balthxzar aphorisms — probably an exemplary use of the fecund observations a poet-littrateur writer’s journals — such as: Or should the dispositions remain the same, the characters remain the same – and is it only truth itself which has changed in contradiction?

View all 5 comments. Balthazar, an Alexandrian psychiatrist, bxlthazar sent Darley additional information about events and characters from the first novel, clarifying and expanding upon much that Darley thought he knew. I found myself wondering at Durrell’s imagination as he created so many surprising similes and metaphors.

What did their friends – and particularly her husband – really think about their relationship? Read baltnazar Read less. Justine drew inspiration from Eve Cohen, Durrell’s second wife. Strangely, not sure I have a clear understanding of who Balthazar is as a char Not tonight. Having sent it to Balthazar, it is returned to him stuffed with margin notes, details unknown to Darley and so begins the task of assimilating them. Not to force time, as balthazzar weak do, for that spells self-injury and dismay, but to harness its rhythms and put them to our own use.

The novel includes several last minute balthazag to the publisher’s proofs, perhaps most significantly the replacement and expansion of the novel’s introductory Note. But most people are stuck in the physical aspect, unaware of the poetic rapport which it so clumsily tries to teach. Durrell wanted to write about “modern” love but the characters in Balthazar that aren’t British are seeing it from a completely different perspective that even he may not have completely understood.

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Balthazar – Lawrence Durrell – Google Books

Truthfully, the novels at times challenged my ability to assimilate the philosophy advanced by the characters, and this from someone who enjoys Umberto Eco and Saramaga. If nothing else Durrell was a great critic of his own work and a damn good salesman…. These, and some others, stand out sharp and crisp in long and often difficult passages, but these are good. The city of Alexandria might be a metaphor for life and perhaps for the individual as well, but he must escape it in order to know himself.


I added phthisic, pegamoid, adventive, calcimined, tarbush, hebetude, and couloir to my vocabulary list. I know that the key I am trying to turn is in myself.

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Outwardly, he’s pretentious – tossing in some French, Latin, Greek and just expecting you to understand it, making a discreet reference to a classic text or a philosophical doctrine in ways that are beyond mere literary references – but the fact is, he’s not. The picture I drew was a provisional one – like the picture of a lost civilisation deduced from a few fragmented vases, an inscribed tablet, an amulet, some human bones, a gold smiling death-mask.

It is a testament to Durrell’s skill that in two reasonably slim books, he has sketched not only these vast characters but the great and nuanced topography of their city, their Alexandria. It is said that the difference between literary fiction and genre fiction is that the former is predicated on characters while the latter is predicated on plot. It didn’t feel to me as if Balthazar tore apart the story of Justine with his “Interlinear” as much as the story suggests — more just added depth and perspective to what was a perhaps a naive, infatuated, self-serving view.

Trivia About Balthazar The Al You will have to make room in your thoughts for this variety of the animal.

If it’s beautifully written misogyny does it become art? February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. The set-up is simple. He puts thousands of dots of color on the canvas until you begin to see a picture in depth.

Having published his novel about the affair the novel Justine dureell, in other wordshe received a packet of papers from his friend Balthazar.