Bandamanna Saga has 19 ratings and 2 reviews. This is an EXACT reproduction of a book published before This IS NOT an OCR’d book with strange. It is still true today, as when observed by Sigurður Nordal in his commentary to the Íslenzk fornrit edition of Bandamanna saga, that little attention has been . Bandamanna Saga: Translations and Icelandic Text (Norse Sagas) (English and Icelandic Edition) [VolundR Lars Agnarsson, William Morris, John Coles, Eirikr.

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So thee I set aside.

As previously agreed by Ofeig and the 2 men, they find him guilty but charge him very minimally. Odd raised ten men as witnesses in his district, but one died and he renamed a new one in the district, not at the Althing as he should have.

He never laid his ship northward of Eyiafirth or westward of Ramfirth. He is great of growth, and a manly enough fellow. One morning someone ie Ospak enters his bedroom and stabs him, reciting a verse that no-one else shall sleep with Svala. In the morning nine of his cows have been killed. Styrmir argues that Odd is arrogant and overbearing and needs taking down a peg or two.

Uspak went to his house at Swalastead, but Odd made as if nought had happed, and so all is quiet a space.

Odd thought the wind long a-coming, so he went up on to a high fell, and thence saw that there was wind in another quarter outside: Amanda Jackson rated it liked it Sep 18, Word spreads and Odd is dishonoured by the failure of his trip. They return and announce Odd must pay 13 ounces of hack silver ie nothing.

The story starts with the relationship between Odd son of Ofeig and Ospak son of Glum; Ospak is the nephew of Grettir. Maria Swanson marked it as to-read Nov 24, Then Odd sailed west along the land, and came to Midfirth when he had now been away seven weeks. He asks Ospak for control of it and his godord back.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Or will he flout the norms of society and continue to make his own way more difficult?

He bandaanna his men in doughty wise; nowhere letting their part be borne down, nor were they downtrodden: But in spring-tide he met his father, and Ufeig asked for tidings; but Odd said he had heard nought, and asked in turn what was toward; Ufeig says that Styrmir and Thorarin have gathered folk and are going to Mel a-summoning: Nathaniel Starkman marked it as to-read Aug 14, So Odd abides at his house in all this honour aforesaid.

Nay but mayhappen the award shall come into thine hands, and banramanna mayest thou make it little, and yet hold to thine oath. Then spake Gellir to Odd: Therewith he took the purse and poured out the silver, and told it over before them: Now whiles would Ufeig let the purse sink down from under his cloak, and whiles would he draw it up, and he found that they all kept casting an eye to the purse.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. At last he waxed weary of this work, and bought a share in a ship and fared abroad, and is now trading awhile, and still he did well therein, and flourished, and now hath won both wealth and the good report of men.

Therefore thee will I not choose. Egil and Gellir confer as if coming up with something when, in fact, they have already pledged to Ofeig to keep the sum low. Odd gives him a try and he is a good worker. Now, though no one is better off than Oddr, one thing still detracts from his honor: Even therewith, as he turned toward the door, up sprang Bialfi, and thrust at him with a whittle.


The feast was holden well and gloriously, and men deemed no better wedding had been holden here in the land. They agree and Ofeig convinces the court that if they are allowed one thing in this court case where 6 the Confederates against 1 Odd is unconventional it is that at least Ofeig can choose 2 of the men within the Confederates to decide the case and punishment.

Trivia About Bandamanna Saga.

Now men ride home from the Thing. One named Vali also grew up in Ufeig’s house; he was a goodly man, and a well-loved.

The Story of the Banded Men – Icelandic Saga Database

Shane rated it liked it Mar 01, At the feast end Odd gives both Egil and Gelli rich gifts and they part firm friends. Not my favorite saga, but a good one. So Gellir rode away, he and his. It was Uspak, and he sang:.

Bandamanna Saga

Then Styrmir held his peace, and Thorarin stood up, but Egil said: Odd thanks him well for his help, and deems he safa pushed the case far beyond what he had thought might be; and now he says that Ufeig shall never lack money. Translated into good, clear modern English by Ruth C.

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