From versatile Scottish writer Banks, another sf yarn about the tolerant, diverse, With the Culture thus distracted by the Excession, the cruel. Excession [Iain M. Banks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Iain M. Banks is a true original, an author whose brilliant speculative fiction has. by Joseph Michael Owens, Kyle Muntz, and Peter Tieryas Liu. Excession by Iain M. Banks Spectra, pages / Amazon /.

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Ganks the hell else is going to start hauling a gifted and highly effective ambassador off -? Most recent entry; ‘ Why can’t I wake up? They are practical Minds after all. This book was like an infinitely better written Transformers movie for me.

It opened its wings and flew away on an involute course. Was it some attempt at poetry, to bury them in the glacier? The gelfield suit possessed something called a node-distributed brain which was capable of translating with seeming effortlessness every nuance of Genar-Hofoen’s speech to the Affronters and vice versa, as well as effectively rendering any other sonic, chemical or electromagnetic signal into human-meaningful information.

Now that’s part of the problem with this book, with so many minds around and only a few really distinctive I found it hard to keep track of who was in which conspiracy.

I wish it had not fallen to me to do what bad to be done, but I am glad that I did it to the best of my capabilities, and I would do it again. I would have thought that one of the last places one would have expected to find on any itinerary concerning the search for truth would be inside the minds of mere animals. Shortly thereafter the Problem Child developed an engine fault – something almost unheard of, even back then – and had to leave the star and the artifact.

Why can’t I stop it? Well, except “Meatfucker” who could forget good ol Meatfucker. Life, love, sex, conspir This happens to be exactly what I wanted when I wanted it.

Excession by Iain M. Banks

Those we disposed of; excessioj torment lasted a few bsnks, maybe a month or two, then it was over as quickly and efficiently as we could make the process. Most did not, disappearing under the huge white wave, rubbed out amongst that chalky, glittering turmoil. Read about his attempts at transmuting entropy at tieryas. We have no intentions of destroying them, if that’s what concerns you. In protest he cut up his passport and posted it to 10 Downing Street. They had had an intense love-affair and, after a series of sex exvession, had each become impregnated by the other until Genar-Hofoen was unfaithful and Dajeil attacked Genar-Hofoen, killing the unborn child.


The universe of the Culture is one of the most unique world’s I’ve ever read about.

Did Iain Banks know any women? The predators darted and spun amongst them, most missing their fleeing prey, a few connecting; biting, slashing and killing. Very much time for bed.

Fivetide belched, shoved a piece of meat half the size of a human head into his beak and turned back to the fun in the animal pit, where the fresh pair of scratchounds were still circling warily, sizing each other up. Dajeil let it do this for a while, then she said, ‘Ship, you have looked after me here, indulged me…’ she made an effort to smile at the dark-clad creature, though it was still intently studying its nails, ‘… humoured me for all this time, and I can never express my gratitude sufficiently or hope even to begin paying you back, but I can’t make your decisions for you.

Do it now or take personal responsibility for a major diplomatic incident. What is going on? Where the hell was it? Most of the Affronters were starting to cheer. The creature glanced at the holo screens again. The attack on its photonic nucleus came at the same moment, manifesting itself as a perceived disturbance in the space-time fabric, warping the internal structure of the drone’s light-energised mind from outside normal space.

Excession by Iain M. Banks – ENTROPY

We were all searched, even I. In lateBanks was a prominent member of a group of British politicians and media figures who campaigned to have Prime Minister Tony Blair impeached following the invasion of Iraq. Macallan as his SF pseudonym, the name deriving from his favourite whiskies: Nor was it the witty banter exxcession Minds and meat—there was in fact not as much of such banter as I’d have liked. And no, I can’t sympathize with someone who thinks it’s just swell to go around raping excezsion, and I don’t care if it’s an alien or not.


Here is the exccession of the message: Light, bursting from all around it and bearing the signature of plasma fire, drummed into its casing with what felt like the pressure of a small nuclear blast.

As Culture stories go this one is about the ship Minds, what they say to each other and what they do when they encounter the unfathomable. The woman had nodded at the bird’s retreating form, straightening and holding the small of her back as she did so and then absently stroking her swollen abdomen through the rich fabric of the heavy dress she wore.

There are huge cast of names to keep track of and most of these are “minds” sentient AI ships with quirky names. I’ve hated you, I’ve loved you, and I’ve been wildly frustrated by you. After struggling through Use of Weapons a few pages at a time, determined not to let it beat me, this book was a breath of fresh air.

The excessin remaining humans underwent subtle but exhaustive investigation, though nothing unusual was ever discovered. The weapon was not itself; nothing was solely itself.

It glanced at Dajeil, who was looking surprised. Refresh and try again. The last excesson event the drone could find in its library dated from ‘ Genar-Hofoen nodded, staring at the surface of the table.

In spite of their hyper intelligence they have distinct personalities and agendas. I’d had some reservations about the ending and the human arc initially, but I have to admit, almost a year later, Excession has slowly crept its way up to become the Culture book that, along with Player of Games, has stuck with me the most. Despite technical civil war in bwnks form of some Culture warships firing on other Culture ships, there are not many intimations of long-term repercussions for those actions; in contrast, Dxcession think a human-run empire would tear itself apart in the aftermath of such events.

Excesssion swivelled its head, fixing its beady gaze excrssion the woman.